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The Complete 12 Days of Kushmas

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The Complete 12 Days of Kushmas

For twelve days this December, Cannabis Now delivered stories for all facets of the holiday season: gift ideas for your loved ones, charitable causes to support, recipes to test out, and more! Here’s the complete run-down of our 12 Days of Kushmas.

Who knew pun-based holiday content would end up being so successful? Over the past 12 days, the Cannabis Now team updated the lyrics to that classic tune “The 12 Days of Christmas,” which provided a vastly improved list of gifts that “my true love gave to me.”

Instead of four calling birds and three French hens (say goodbye to a full night’s sleep with a large menagerie in your home), The 12 Days of Kushmas brought four calling causes to dedicate yourself to and three French hashes from master hashishin Frenchy Cannoli himself. Instead of nine ladies dancing, Kushmas highlighted nine ladies leading the cannabis industry to a more equitable future. And of course, Kushmas delivered 12 growers growing instead of 12 drummers drumming. Which would you rather have: top shelf cannabis or a bunch of noise?

Sing with us! On the 12th Day of Kushmas, my true love gave to me: 12 growers growing, 11 pipes a-piping, 10 vapes a-vaping, nine ladies leading, eight strains a-smoking, seven bongs a-blazing, six plants a-flowering, five… golden… globs! Four calling causes, three French hashes, two chocolate treats and a pear rig in a glass tree.

The First Day of Kushmas: A Pear Rig in a Glass Tree

Danskmas Glass Cannabis Now

Glass artist Lydia Leung of Lydia Leung Glass specializes in making rigs, spoons and glass accessories modeled after fruit of all sorts. Cannabis Now Staff Writer and glass aficionado Jimi Devine talked to Leung about her artistic inspirations, her technique and — of course — her pear-shaped rig.

The Second Day of Kushmas: Two Chocolate Treats

Ganja chef Jessica Catalano delivers two chocolate-based edibles recipes: a vegan ganache infused with Chocolate Kush and hot cocoa marshmallow cookies made with Chocolate Kush cannabutter. Consume carefully; these recipes are next-level decadent.

The Third Day of Kushmas: Three French Hashes

Legendary hashishin The Dank Duchess herself gives the low-down on three new hashes made by her mentor Frenchy Cannoli. Get the inside scoop on Frenchy’s Banangie, Sour Tangerine and Colombian x Purple Kush hashes.

The Fourth Day of Kushmas: Four Calling Causes


The spirit of Kushmas is really all about giving back to the community. Cannabis Now contributor Chris Roberts has four ideas about how you can help people incarcerated for marijuana-related crimes, fight for an equitable industry, promote easy access to cannabis those suffering and support small businesses.

The Fifth Day of Kushmas: Five Golden Globs

From First Class Concentrates to Xtractology, Cannabis Now’s Associate Editor and concentrates expert Greg Zeman highlights five cannabis oil makers producing top-shelf oil, shatter, wax and solvent-free distillate in the marketplace today.

The Sixth Day of Kushmas: Six Plants a-Flowering

Many states with recreational cannabis allow adults over 21 years of age to legally grow six cannabis plants in their homes. But unfortunately, a variety of obstacles often lie in the way. San Francisco-based home grower Chris Roberts discusses his own personal green thumb journey, and the political landscape around the country for others looking to get their own six plants flowering.

The Seventh Day of Kushmas: Seven Bongs a-Blazing

Wrapping up a bong and putting under a Kushmas tree wouldn’t lead to a very subtle gift shape, but despite the lack of surprise, a smoking aficionado would be thrilled to receive any of these seven water pipes come Kushmas morning.

The Eight Day of Kushmas: Eight Strains a-Smoking

If you smoke some of these strains with your family during the holidays, be prepared for grandma to call everyone “hippies.” With Sugar Cookies, Mimosa and All Star Jack Frost on this list, you’ll be able to convince all smoking members of your family that you have the best taste in seasonal flower.

The Ninth Day of Kushmas: Nine Ladies Leading

Women of all identifications and orientations are working to help the cannabis industry mature with no institutional barriers to entry for historically marginalized groups. Cannabis Now contributor K. Astre struggled to choose just nine women for this list — and couldn’t help but include nine groups of women. This list is ultimately includes just a fraction of the people pushing for an equitable industry, but it’s a good place to start.

The 10th Day of Kushmas: 10 Vapes a-Vaping

A vaporizer is a discreet way to consume cannabis that only seems to be rising in popularity. With a saturated market of tons of vaporizers on the shelves, here are 10 of Cannabis Now’s top picks for this easy stocking stuffer.

The 11th Day of Kushmas: 11 Pipes a-Piping

From spoons to rigs to water pipes, the glass market is awash in quality borosilicate right now. Jimi Devine returns for another glass installment this Kushmas with 11 top glass artists, including Bluegrass Glass, Eusheen and Mohawk Glass.

The 12th Day of Kushmas: 12 Growers Growing

It would be zero days of Kushmas if it weren't for the efforts of cannabis cultivators — here's a list of 12 great ones.

For the final day of Kushmas, Cannabis Now went back to the land to thank the growers who make the entire cannabis industry possible. Most of the farms highlighted hail from California’s legendary Emerald Triangle, where cannabis cultivation remains essentially unbeatable, but the list also includes Oregon-based Heroes of the Farm and Santa Cruz, California-based Utopia Farms.

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