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Victory for the Kids


Victory for the Kids

Bobby Moulton will not go to jail.

The Rhode Island medical cannabis activist who has dedicated his life to helping pediatric cancer patients with cannabis oil has dodged a potential of 30 years in jail and will, instead, serve 7 years of unencumbered probation. Miracles, it seems, do still happen.

Bobby’s case was detailed in Cannabis Now in October. The short version: Moulton was betrayed by a young man he tried to help who then stole Moulton’s cannabis oil and sold it to minors in Warwick, R.I. Moulton’s harsh treatment by the police and his landlord left him in a dark place following his 2014 arrest. On his Facebook page, after the verdict was rendered, Bobby wrote, “I apologize for being a negative, drunk, angry and flat out disrespectful person to a few over the last year. The stress of [possibly] 30 years [in jail] had me lower than any low can imagine. I lost my religion, sanity and care.”

Moulton’s friends, especially the parents of children he has helped, rallied to his side. The mothers of 25 children sent letters to Judge Joseph A. Montalbano, pleading with the judge to go easy on the Indiana native who took the stand on his own behalf despite some concerns that it could backfire. Moulton’s attorney, Victor Baretta, who had advised Moulton to expect a minimum sentence of 5 years, told his client that the testimony was, “[email protected]!king epic!” Moulton’s modest reply to such praise was, “It’s not hard to be convincing when you’re telling the truth.”

The judge seemed moved by his testimony, stating, with a confused shake of the head,  “In some way you seem to feel this is honorable.”

Well, yes, Bobby Moulton does… and so do lots of other people. When asked what his plans are now, Bobby replied, “Keep on keeping on. The kids still need me.”

What do you think? Do ailing children deserve the right to medical cannabis? Tell us in the comments below. 

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