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Product Review: KandyPens Skycloud

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Product Review: KandyPens Skycloud

Even if you frequent the chillest of spaces, unfortunately there will be a time when pulling out the trusty pipe and packing a bowl just won’t be appropriate. For some, this prevents them from indulging in their favorite plant while out and about, but the party doesn’t have to stop for those who have discovered the convenient wonders of vaping.

In a blossoming stoner world where smoking devices come a dime a dozen, KandyPens is trying to bring a little variety to the table. Their sleek, 3-in-1 Kandy Skycloud fits in the palm of your hand and is guaranteed to keep you happy for a very, very long time. Did someone say lifetime warranty?

The Skycloud comes in a kaleidoscope of limited edition colors with bright, eye-catching from pink, purple and lime devices to some neutral shades for the more conservative vaper, like black, white, gold and chrome. It’s suited to accommodate smokers of all flavors whether you’re the type who enjoys a nice, potent hit of concentrate or someone who prefers to vape their dry flowers. There’s even an option to use e-liquid. The Skycloud includes all three attachments and all of the choices work without a hitch — it’s all about preference.

After a quick charge using the micro-USB connector and five rapid clicks to turn the Skycloud on, a nice chunk of Green Crack wax vaped like a charm on the titanium coil. The flavor was fresh and didn’t taste charred and a casual drag produced a noteworthy plume. The attachments popped on and off easily, making it a totally uncomplicated experience.

This device finds its strength in simplicity. It’s easy to assemble, a breeze to take apart and a delight to use. For people who are looking for something small and straightforward, the Kandy Skycloud may be the device to fit the bill.

Click here to purchase / $99.95 – $119.95

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