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HempMeds speaks on CBD

Containers full of CBD rich salve are great topicals for pains.
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HempMeds speaks on CBD

Andrew Hard, public relations director for HempMeds, has a message to impart, “CBD-rich hemp oil is available in all 50 states right now.”

HempMeds is the world’s largest distributor of hemp-based CBD. The hemp, Hard explained, is grown within the European Union and is extensively tested in the U.K.

With many states enacting CBD-only medical laws, Hard believes this is great advancement and progress, but ultimately unnecessary. According to Hard, there is no need to uproot your family to move to a state that allows CBD.

“American people if you are on a waiting list, get off of it,” he says.

For Hard, the Sanjay Gupta specials on CNN, “Weed” and “Weed 2,” were excellent in terms of spreading awareness about CBD as well as citizens’ need and right to treat themselves with the cannabinoid. However, Hard felt that the specials were misleading in that they showed a family that moved to Colorado to treat their young daughter with cannabis-based CBD, when CBD hemp products are available across the nation right now.

Jason Golec, the president of Haenep Source – which supplies HempMeds products as well as the Holy Grail CBD vape pens – is also firmly convinced of the beneficial properties associated with hemp-based CBD. Now Golec is working on an entire line of CBD-based hemp products.

“Once I realized the power of CBD, spreading the word became a social responsibility,” he said.

What are your thoughts on CBD and its availability? Tell us in the comments below.

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