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Bring Cannabis to the New Year’s Eve Celebration

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Bring Cannabis to the New Year’s Eve Celebration

Six tips to ensure the most THC-filled end of 2018 as possible.

The time has come to close the book on another exciting lap around the sun and this year you’ll be able to do it with legal cannabis in more places than ever before.

Because we would never send you out there without a plan, we’ve assembled some essential tips for the best THC-infused end to 2018 possible.

Cannabis has of course been associated with a great time on New Year’s since prior to the birth of the Roman Calendar and this New Year’s Eve will be no exception to the time-honored tradition. But there will be more legal pot in the U.S. tonight that at any time we’ve celebrated any new year prior.

This new situation will provide more opportunities than ever to be on another dimension responsibly while you count down to 2019. Smoke a joint to the face, hell, smoke a blunt to the face. Maybe make some edibles that are 10 times stronger than the legal limit? Go for it! And don’t worry because they’re still 10 times weaker than the most powerful edibles of years past. These are the type of mind-bending realities you can create if your heart is in the right place (and you believe state edible regulations are overbearing).

Let’s cover a bunch of other ways for you to facilitate the headiest start to 2019 possible.

Get the Good Stuff

This is the last weed, and maybe even drugs period, you’re going to take in 2018. Why would you skip now? You want to send 2018 off in style and start 2019 proper? You simply can’t do that with mids, dude. And we smoke for every tax bracket here at Cannabis Now, we aren’t trying to hate, we just want you to live yourself a little more tonight.

Sharing is Caring

Be sure to spread the love this New Years Eve. I like to smoke half of whatever I roll up to the face and then just send it off into the crowd, “Bon Voyage Mr. Backwood!” Then eyeball who is puffing tough, but not in such a way as to intimidate.

Smoke a Joint for Amsterdam at 6 o’clock EST

Amsterdam really fell off the last few years. First, it was why go to Amsterdam when I could go to Denver? Now it’s why go to Amsterdam when I could go to LA, or if you’re a real heathen without plans of chatting with Saint Pete, San Francisco! Yes, burn one down for Amsterdam. All those years it provided a home to those attempting to grow the best cannabis on the planet in places not named California, only to be left behind as the cannabis tsunami crosses the globe and local politicians mess it up.

Eat Your Edibles Early

Holy biscuits, it’s 11:35 p.m. and those brownies didn’t kick in?! Don’t be that guy, Billy! Be sure to take your edibles at least two hours before the ball drops to make sure you have the most fun possible. If it’s a family affair, make sure you sneak the appropriate relatives their share beforehand too.


The reminiscing is going to start coming at you fast. A full year’s activities will be recollected by the squad. How are you supposed to remember Charlotte passing out at her sister’s wedding while you’re busy rolling up? Impossible! You need to have everything rolled ahead of time so you can spark up in the flow of conversation, not build a dam while others wait. How selfish!

Yell 20 After 4 During the Countdown

Why not? I mean you should be at least a half ounce in at this point if everything has gone to plan. Yelling “20” out after the count hits four will provide a quick laugh, yet with three seconds to go, you’ll have plenty of time to collect yourself for 2019.

TELL US, how are you celebrating the new year?

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