Herbalizer Has Tommy Chong’s Stamp of Approval — And Ours

In Cheech & Chong's Next Movie, Chong more or less predicted his future career as a fixture of cannabusiness: "I figure this way; dope's gonna be legal in a few years… then it'll be a legitimate job. And all these other dudes that aren't ready for it, they won't know how to do it, see? Then, like, I'll have a job."

Comedy and cannabis legend Tommy Chong has teamed up with the vape innovators at Herbalizer to provide a truly premium product for those bud lovers who shun combustion.

Tommy Chong is synonymous with cannabis. As half of the iconic counterculture comedy duo “Cheech & Chong,” he celebrated and promoted cannabis by portraying its use through a funny, subversive lens — which ironically helped plant seeds of mainstream acceptance.

In the 1980 film “Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie,” Chong more or less predicted his future career as a fixture of cannabusiness:

“I figure this way; dope’s gonna be legal in a few years… then it’ll be a legitimate job. And all these other dudes that aren’t ready for it, they won’t know how to do it, see? Then, like, I’ll have a job.”

Fast forward past a 2003 stint in federal prison for selling Chong-branded drug paraphernalia — an event that inspired him to publicly quit cannabis — and two battles with cancer, which ultimately brought him back to the plant for medical purposes, and Chong is back in business with his Chong’s Choice line of cannabis and cannabis products.

And one of the real standouts from that impressive lineup is the Chong’s Choice Herbalizer, a truly phenomenal and relatively affordable option for the discrete cannabis user looking for a quick, efficient mechanism for vaporizing both flowers and concentrates.

The interface of the Chong’s Choice Herbalizer is reminiscent to the early standard-bearer for vaporizer — the Storz & Bickel Volcano — with a chamber that fits onto a stationary heating base and can be attached to a variety of mouthpieces, extensions or just a classic “turkey bag.” But the Herbalizer has a more compact, low profile appearance, not to mention a price tag $100 lower than the Volcano starter pack.

And, where some other high-end vaporizers can be confusing to load, heat and use, the Herbalizer is especially user friendly. We were able to easily use the unit without any instructions — it’s intuitive to the point of simplicity: you load your herb and/or oil, you set the heat to low, medium or high and you let it rip.

And rip it does. With an exceptionally smooth but assertive delivery system powered by quick halogen heating technology that dials in precise temperatures in seconds, the Herbalizer consistently gives users a powerful, manageable platform for exploring new flavors or indulging in old favorites.

The aesthetics of the device, rooted in stylistic lines that evoke a clam shell and crisp white coloring, echo the sharp, clean styling of high-end electronics and the unobtrusive utility of a medical instrument.

And the Chong’s Choice Herbalizer also boasts surgical precision in its digital temperature readout, while the inclusion of a power fan — originally added for use with the niche “aromatherapy function” of the original Herbalizer model — provides a subtle boost in vapor volume and intensity to your inhale for a novel experience reminiscent of a “shotgun hit.”

Overall, the Chong’s Choice Herbalizer is a perfect choice for anybody curious about the world of vaporing or already embroiled in it and seeking the best product for the price — with the added flair and familiarity of Tommy Chong to top it off.

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