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KandyPens Elite: Luxury Design Meets High-End Function


KandyPens Elite: Luxury Design Meets High-End Function

There’s no shortage of vaporizers on the market, and it’s getting so crowded it can be difficult for a new product or model to stand out from the pack. But when our friends at Vapor Nation sent us the KandyPens Elite, it definitely made a major impact.

KandyPens CEO, Graham Gibson, has been quoted as saying he wants to grow the company into “the Apple of the Portable Vape Industry,” and if the KandyPens Elite line is any indication of the company’s stylistic direction, that seems like a distinct possibility.

KandyPens offers a wide spectrum of unique products, specialized to vaporize everything from dry herbs to waxes and liquid oils. But of all the products in the company’s deep fleet, nothing turns heads quite like the premium, high-gloss materials and top-shelf feel of the Elite, which boasts the same reliable function and ergonomic design as the rest of the company’s stable.

We checked out the bespoke ceramic/rose gold model, which isn’t as flashy and high-shine as the  rose gold/gold or gold/rose gold combos, but exudes a subtle elegance and class that will set you apart as a refined cannaisseur. The inclusion of a chic compact container for transporting the pen, charger and attachments only underlines the elegant aura of the Elite.

When it comes to the function, you can rely on the quartz crystal vape chamber and its dual quartz rods to deliver high-flavor hits of your favorite concentrates. And with titanium coils attached without the use of glues or fibers, there’s nothing unnatural to tamper with your terps.

For those who want to forego the coils completely, the Elite comes equipped with KandyPens’ exceptional ceramic dish for premium consumption with zero combustion.

No matter what attachment you use, you won’t have to worry about the frustrating clogs and messy leaks that sometimes ruin the experience of using other vaporizers. All the Elite models come equipped with KandyPens’ own Leak Proof Technology™, which means the only thing you’ll need to worry about is what to vape next.

The Elite boasts several small touches that radically improve its performance, chief among them the inclusion of elevated air holes and a mouthpiece carb. This combination alone goes a long way towards preventing leaks, increasing chamber capacity and maximizing airflow — and by extension — vapor production.

The Elite was also named “Best Vape Pen 2017” by The Vape Critic, which praised the refinement of the design and the reliability of the function.

Learn more about the KandyPens Elite model HERE.

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