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The Top Strains to Help With Insomnia

Blackberry Kush Insomnia Cannabis Strain
Blackberry Kush by Erik Christiansen of Nugshots


The Top Strains to Help With Insomnia

Check out this list of indica-dominant strains – known for reducing stress, inducing sleep and easing pain – that will help you doze off in no time.

Whether you have trouble getting to sleep or simply staying in the depths of your slumber until morning, consistently missing out in your Z’s can become quite unpleasant when it continues night after night. Having insomnia or trouble getting to sleep can be caused by a number of factors from direct discomfort due to physical pain to psychological ailments like stress, anxiety or depression.

Big Wreck

Trainwreck and Big Bud, two strains known for being true to their indica lineage, come together make an uplifting yet calming high perfect for mentally easing away from the hectic demands of the day. Big Wreck is great for watching movies, drawing, writing or other creative activities before happily drifting off to sleep.

Northern Lights

Let this classic strain settle into your body and mind with its mellow cerebral high and body stone. Feelings of sleeplessness will transform into a dreamy haze after a session with these trichome-covered nugs.

Blackberry Kush

Flavors in this intense indica alternate between strong hash and sweet berries, making it a tasty, balanced smoke that goes straight to where the discomfort is. If chronic pain keeps you from really resting, Blackberry Kush can help you sail away on a cloud of relief after a full day.


Like the name suggests, this strain is named after the area it originated in. It provides a heavy sedative high paired with feelings of euphoria and peace. If you need help putting the events of the day behind you, Afghani can give you some mental and physical relief.


Go all in with a full-body stone that’s blissfully intoxicating with its rich, woody flavor. Made from a cross of North American and White Rhino, this strain will have you ready to hit the sack before you know it.

Granddaddy Purple

With beautiful, deep purple buds, GDP is a Cali classic worth getting to know personally. It’s highly psychoactive and works to relax muscles, often leading to what many lovingly refer to as “couchlock.”

Platinum OG

Choose this strain right before bed, as it brings on a heavy stone that will set the stage for a night of deep rest. Bright green and crawling with little orange hairs, these aesthetically-pleasing buds will have you feeling peaceful, pleasant and prepared for a night of rejuvenating sleep after a few puffs.

Critical Kush

Earthy and spicy, this strain is an effective mix of THC and CBD for a potent smoke that calms both the body and the mind. Critical Kush to helps you get to sleep by taking care of some of the factors that keep you from resting like stress, anxiety and sore muscles. relaxing evening

Monster Cookies

Lovers of the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain can take a break from the usual by trying their favorite strain mixed with Granddaddy Purple. Covered in beautiful crystals, Monster Cookies stays true to its roots with a grape flavor profile and deeply calming effects. It’s a creeper strain that slowly builds in intensity, which helps if you have trouble staying asleep during the night.


This heavy strain has short, dense buds that pack a powerful punch against pain and insomnia. Made from a combination of Afgoo and Blueberry, Gooberry is known for making you giggly and hungry before ushering you off to sleep for a good night’s rest. Well-cultivated flowers can have up to 20 percent THC.

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