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Product Review: Dr Dabber Aurora

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Product Review: Dr Dabber Aurora

From the team that brought you the micro-super rig the Boost, Dr. Dabber continues to push the envelope … full of shatter with their endlessly interchangeable vape pen the Aurora.

Quickly gaining a foothold in the top of the market, the Aurora is one of the most customizable pens ever to hit the dabosphere. Early in the pen’s development it was clear that Dr. Dabber wanted to make a product to serve the entire community, regardless of the viscosity of the oil a person was smoking.

“We decided on including three different chambers after analyzing our customer feedback. We realized that not everyone is able to get high quality oils or particular types of oils, so we included three atomizers which inclusively can handle any type of oil,” said Johnray Strickland of Dr. Dabber. “We are trying to cater to every type of consumer.”

The results have spoke for themselves, with the Aurora making appearances in various publications and taking home three cups wins for Best Product along the way.

The backbone of this functionality are the three carefully designed chambers. First off was the dual quartz rod with quartz dish, due to the nature of the samples we tried in the Aurora we have the most expertise with this attachment. When used with an above-average terpene content Fire OG shatter on the lowest heat setting, the flavor was fantastic. It wasn’t exactly like a quartz banger, but it did go a long way in preserving the flavor of the extract. The other chambers, one featuring a dual ceramic rods with quartz dish and one a ceramic halo heater with quartz dish, are going to be the perfect options for your budders and syringe-based oils.

If you’re expecting any type of hassle in switching the chambers, you would be very mistaken. The magnetic construction of the Aurora allows you to seamlessly change between the atomizers as fast as you can decide which oil you want to smoke next. This also makes for a quick transition over to its magnetized charging station in the event of worst case scenario.

Appearance wise, it doesn’t get more stealth. The whole thing is a flat and discreet shade of black, and the lights on the bottom are the same colors as numerous e-cigs, regardless of whatever heat setting you are using it at.

The Aurora is just the tip of the iceberg for Dr. Dabber, who are already taking steps to bring their next new revolution to the market.

“We always wanted to make proprietary products and now that we have a platform to do it, we are putting every ounce of effort into making future products that change the way people think about using concentrates,” said Strickland.

This article is sponsored by Dr. Dabber.

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