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White Rhino Pipe Cleaner

Two different size bottles of White Rhino's pipe cleaner standing next to one another.

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White Rhino Pipe Cleaner

The makers of White Rhino claim that their pipe cleaning solution is “Clearly The Best!” While our tests show it’s clearly not a perfect product, it does do the job.

especially | Jessica Catalano + Cannabis Now Magazine

Our test run followed the simple instructions on the bottle: we placed our test pipe (quite resinous, with airflow somewhat restricted) in a sealable plastic bag and poured in a moderate splash of White Rhino, so that the pipe was about ¾ submerged. Then we shook the bag vigorously for a minute and rinsed thoroughly. The first treatment did a good job of cleaning the pipe’s neck but left the interior and exterior parts of the bowl curiously unchanged.

On the second treatment we used more solution and let the mixture sit for twenty minutes between shakings, and consequently got much better results, with almost all of the pipe’s resin washing away with a good, long rinse.

In the end, although the White Rhino did an OK job with a heavy cleaning task, we recommend it mainly for regular cleanings, so your beloved glass pipe never gets too dirty.

First appeared in Issue 4 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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