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A dark green diptic of both ends of a Smoke Buddy, which takes away the smokey smell of your cannabis puff.

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Smoke Buddy

For every smoker who has ever neutralized their odors with a dryer sheet rubber banded around one end of a toilet paper roll, we have good news: the Smoke Buddy is here, applying a more advanced solution to an age-old problem. This nondescript green cylinder uses activated charcoal to effectively trap the telltale odors of smoked herbs, helping the community to keep a lower profile. If used with care, the Smoke Buddy can essentially eliminate all olfactory traces of discreet medication.

Because the Smoke Buddy only scrubs the smoker’s exhalations, it won’t trap any excess smoke which may waft from a burning bowl or joint; vaporizers, however, are a different story. By utilizing the Smoke Buddy’s rim to make a tight seal around one’s mouth, the patient can ensure that 100% of the vapor goes through the charcoal filter, leaving the air clean and clear of odors. And while the somewhat bulky device may not be perfect, in the midst of a drug war, the desperate patient in need of medication needs all the help they can get.

First appeared in Issue 4 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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