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Strain Review: Blueberry Tahoe AKA Blueberry Tahoe OG

Photo Jeremiah Johnson


Strain Review: Blueberry Tahoe AKA Blueberry Tahoe OG

This particular hybrid crossbreed of Blueberry and an OG clone from Lake Tahoe became highly desired quickly after hitting the shelf. The pungent Diesel-like fragrance from the enormous dense clusters of resin glands resembles that of the pure OG Kush but with a distinctive sweet overtone.

Whoever cloned this plant and preserved these unique wonderful genetics had true cannabis wisdom. Sometimes certain strains are elite in nature due to their high THC content, ability to yield an abundant quality product, or because of their exotic and unique aromas and terpenes.

Blueberry genetics have been famous for many years and are known for their superior traits. The original Hindu Kush variety is a potent indica with high cannabinoid and THC levels. These varieties and particular coveted phenotypes have been used to breed some of the worlds most exotic, potent and sought-after strains. It is truly a mystery as to who bred the original Ocean Grown Kush, perhaps passed down from ancient tribes who recognized certain flowers that were superior among themselves. Like a white elephant or an albino some ganja is rare –  something profound and magnificent, something that will change the lives for the better of those lucky consumers. Especially when grown with love and passion and responsibility.

The Blueberry Tahoe has a 9-week flowering cycle and requires 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark each day. It can be grown indoors and outdoors and should finish around October if planted in the Spring. The strain, 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa, has a strong taste and results in a heavy cerebral high.

Originally published in issue 8 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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