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Editor’s Pick: DaVinci Vaporizer

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Editor’s Pick: DaVinci Vaporizer

The market is awash with low quality vaporizers, and only a few good ones. The DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer is one of those few. While it may not be a revolution in vaporizer design, the DaVinci does succeed in fitting all the features a health-conscious patient could want in a discreet and easily portable package.

One of the crucial elements to set the DaVinci apart is its precise temperature control. Unlike butane-powered vaporizers, the DaVinci’s digital controls and readout allow the user to heat their preferred herbal medicine to exactly the temperature they want, allowing them to precisely control the administration of medicine. In testing, we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the DaVinci could heat up, hitting target temperature in less than half the time required by competing products.

The other main strength of the DaVinci is its versatility. Patients can choose between vaporizing dried herbs in the main heating chamber and vaporizing essential oils in the included “oil cans” – small metal cylinders which fit neatly into the chamber and slowly release vapors from oil-based medicine. The main heating chamber is easy to clean with the enclosed brush, although the same can’t be said for the oil cans. And the very versatility of the DaVinci is what leads to its other main flaw: the many small parts (especially its tiny brush) are easily lost. But despite these quibbles, the DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer delivers the features discriminating patients demand in a compact, convenient package.

The DaVinci was our editor’s pick in Issue 4 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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