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Dynavap’s Entry-level Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dynavap B
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Dynavap’s Entry-level Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Dynavap “B” is an entry-level dry herb vaporizer, designed for those looking for a healthier alternative at an accessible price point.

As people become savvier about the benefits of dry herb vaporizers, the category has become an intelligent way for health-conscious consumers to enjoy their buds. The market is booming—and for good reason. Dry herb vapes provide an efficient and cost-effective way to enjoy cannabis while being conveniently portable and discreet. Wisconsin-based company Dynavap has become one of the most popular portable dry herb vape brands on the market, building a cult-like following of disciples who swear by its innovative range of battery-free thermal extraction devices. They’ve recently released a new entry-level product, the Dynavap B, which is designed and refined for those looking to shift away from combustion and move to a healthier alternative at an affordable cost.

History of the Dynavap

Founder George Breiwa wanted to develop a product that would offer an alternative to smoking and let people enjoy cannabis combustion-free—in other words, smoking without the smoke. He also wanted to make a battery-free device that would allow people from all walks of life to enjoy their cannabis conveniently. He began his mission from his basement in 2014, just as vapes started becoming more mainstream. 

Researching air flow and combustion methods led Breiwa to develop a thermal extraction device—essentially, a heater designed to bring plant material to a specified temperature to extract beneficial compounds—that would vape cannabis flower with convection heating rather than combustion. And the Dynavap VapCap was born.

Great Taste, No Waste

The efficient and effective design features of Dynavap products allow for two heightened user experiences: 1) enjoying better flavor and 2) stretching your stash to last longer. 

No batteries or electronics are required to heat the VapCap. Instead, apply even heat to the convection chamber by slowly spinning the vape utilizing a heat source, such as a butane torch lighter, until you hear or feel a click. This clicking sound is, in essence, the magic of the VapCap. A metal disk housed within the chamber emits a click to indicate to the user that the cannabis is ready for inhalation. This cue works in two sensory ways: an audible “click” and a tactile “feel.” The click lets you know that the chamber has heated to an optimal temperature—a feature particularly helpful for flavor lovers as the lower temperature will let you taste those terps. No more guessing games to find the sweet spot of tasty vape clouds.

In a process similar to how boiling water transforms into steam, by externally warming the chamber, the active compounds in cannabis heat to the point of boiling and then convert to vapor. This process enables you to enjoy all the advantages of your herb minus the risk of breathing in burning plant material, byproducts or hot smoke. 

Another way to think about the process is to imagine the VapCap as an oven. Because you’re not lighting the material directly, it’s like you get the taste of freshly baked cookies versus burnt cookies that make you feel sad.

Dynavap products can also help you be more weed-economical. With a standard vaporizer, you get four to six hits from a tiny amount of weed instead of just one or two from a bowl or joint. The device’s design eliminates the risk of wasted buds from either underheating or burning, helping you save money on would-be wasted weed. Additionally, you can make delicious edibles from your decarboxylated weed after vaping rather than throwing your ash into an ashtray as you would with a traditional pipe or other combustion-based devices.

Dynavap’s range of vaporizers includes the “M,” the VonG, the Omni, along with the newest product for entry-level vapers, the “B.”

“B” Yourself

Dynavap Dry Herb Vape

The latest release from DynaVap is the “B,” an entry-level dry herb vaporizer that’s been thoughtfully designed with first-time users in mind. It packs many punches you’ll find within the Dynavap product range and comes with a cost-efficient $50 price tag.

This new device welcomes beginners to dry herb vaping to the “Dynaverse.” The Dynavap brand was built on creativity and encourages consumers to customize their smoking experience by mixing and matching different components and colors. Naming it the “B” speaks to Dynavap’s goal in encouraging users to embrace authenticity and “b” who they want to be, where they want to be, and to ultimately just be you. 

With simplicity at the forefront, the Dynavap B is comprised of only five parts: a stainless-steel captive cap, tip, condenser, CCD and a silicone stem. Colored silicone stems for the “B” are coming soon, so you can customize your experience further, just as you can with other Dynavap products.

Like all DynaVap products, this entry-level dry herb vaporizer is heated for extraction by an external heat source and serves up dense vapor from the first hit to the last. The Dynavap B is also compatible for use with water pieces, and its tapered stem fits 10mm adapters.

Discover Dynavap, Respect the Click

Dynavap’s core lineup of battery-free vaporizers is proudly made at the company headquarters in Wisconsin using only the best materials. 

Uniquely, Dynavap lets customers choose between titanium or stainless-steel options when buying tips, condensers and screens. The titanium components are all Grade 2 titanium, and the stainless-steel components are medical grade. 

Try something new today. Experience the joy of a battery-free portable vape that offers a delicious sesh while being kind to your stash. Check out Dynavap’s buyer’s guide and see which product is right for you.

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