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Recipe: Island Sweet Skunk Summer Veggies

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Recipe: Island Sweet Skunk Summer Veggies

This recipe is perfect Labor Day gatherings.

There are some days where the thought of consuming deliciously prepared vegetables from your garden or local farmers’ market hits that sweet spot. This dish for me satisfies my desire in its entirety. I love to add setian to tie all the flavors together while also adding a good serving of protein.

Do not limit yourself to just the vegetables in this recipe! Simply use this recipes skeleton and make some substitutes. Get creative in the kitchen with what vegetables you have on hand in the fridge, in your garden, or what is in season at your store. This dish is best served on a cool summer night after a long day in the garden or out on the town. Pair with freshly baked bread to sop up the juices and a glass of your favorite white or rosé wine.

Mise en place:

1 cup sliced endive
1 cup sliced baby bella mushrooms
1 cup setain tips
4 spears diagonally sliced poached asparagus
2/3 cup minced sweet onion
2 cloves minced garlic
2 tablespoons Island Sweet Skunk olive oil
4 tablespoons vegetable stock
4 tablespoons agave nectar
Few splashes white wine
Salt and pepper to taste


Step 1: In a pan sauté the onion and garlic in the Island Sweet Skunk olive oil. Sauté until the onions become translucent.

Step 2: Add the vegetable stock and agave nectar.

Step 3: Now add the baby bella mushrooms and asparagus. Sauté until the mushrooms have cooked half way then add the endive and setain tips.

Step 4: Continuing over medium high heat, add a few splashes of white wine. Keep sautéing until the endive becomes warmed through and the alcohol has cooked off.

Step 5: Immediately pull from the stove and season with salt and pepper. Enjoy with some fresh bread and prepare for the ride your taste buds are about to embark on. Enjoy!

Strain Suggestions:

I would recommend any strains whose terpenes match the sweet skunky flavor profiles of the Skunk family tree. Pick the most pleasing strain for this dish from what you have on hand or can obtain. Summit Sweet Skunk and Sweet Skunk would be ideal strains to choose from. Be creative, follow your nose and taste buds and have fun with it!


If the strain you choose has a THC content tests around 20 percent, 20 percent of 1,000 mg would be 200 mg per gram. Sub the number of your THC percentage and do the math to figure out your desired dosage per tablespoon for your cannabis oil. Adjust the dosage accordingly to your personal preferences.

TELL US, how are you enjoying the final days of summer?

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