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The Best Cannabis Club in LA for Top Shelf Brands

Photos courtesy of LAX Cannabis Club


The Best Cannabis Club in LA for Top Shelf Brands

LAX Cannabis Club delivers on quality of service and products. The dispensary is consistently stocked with top-shelf brands and the latest product releases. Their friendly staff is standing by to help with your selection.

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is a vibrant hub known for its sunshine, celebrities and burgeoning cannabis scene. For tourists seeking a taste of LA’s finest cannabis products, the hunt often leads to LAX Cannabis Club, a dispensary located just a stone’s throw from LAX airport.

LAX CC isn’t your average dispensary. It’s a haven for cannabis lovers, consistently stocked with top-shelf brands and the latest product releases. Whether you’re a seasoned pot smoker or just arriving in LA, the LAX Cannabis Club offers an unparalleled selection and a wealth of knowledge.

High THC Strains and Infused Products

The LAX Cannabis Club dispensary carefully selects cannabis strains that offer powerful effects, catering to those who use cannabis for strong relief or a significant recreational experience. Additionally, LAX CC carries infused cannabis products for customers chasing an even more intense high. These products might include flowers boosted with cannabis concentrates, providing a much higher THC content than unenhanced buds.

LAX Cannabis Club
“Bombed Buzz” is available at LAX Cannabis Club.

The American Weed Co

Delving into the heart of American Weed Co.’s product excellence, their Diamond and Terpene Infused line stands at the forefront of innovation in the cannabis industry. This meticulously designed range is crafted with the highest quality ingredients, including potent diamonds and rich, aromatic terpenes. But what truly sets these products apart is their purposeful formulation to address PADIC—a comprehensive spectrum of needs including PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain.

American Weed Co. understands the multifaceted nature of cannabis use; it’s not just about seeking a high but finding a pathway to wellness. Their proprietary terpene blends are the result of extensive research and dedication to creating solutions that target specific health challenges. This approach ensures that consumers can find genuine relief and support for their health concerns, turning each use into a step towards healing and balance.

The “Bombed Buzz,” a prime example of this innovative approach, combines the potency of high THC levels with a unique terpene profile designed to enhance its therapeutic potential. At 50% THC, this indica-dominant strain is not only potent but also enriched with terpenes that aim to provide a calming, soothing effect, making it a great choice for individuals dealing with anxiety, insomnia or chronic pain.

LAX Cannabis Club
Shop CBX at LAX Cannabis Club.


Cannabiotix (CBX) exemplifies mastery in cannabis cultivation, focusing on crafting unique, award-winning strains through sustainable and natural farming techniques. Renowned for their PGR-free cannabis, their operations in California and Nevada are a testament to their commitment to environmental responsibility and top-notch quality. Here’s a concise summary of Cannabiotix’s standout features and offerings:

Sustainable Practices: Embracing eco-friendly cultivation methods to produce exceptional, PGR-free cannabis.

Expertise and Innovation: With decades of experience, Cannabiotix boasts a rich collection of rare heirloom and new school exotic strains, alongside exclusive in-house creations.

Craftsmanship in Cultivation: Detailed attention to each strain ensures peak potency and purity, thanks to their legacy cultivators’ refined techniques.

Post-Harvest Excellence: A focus on trichome preservation post-harvest guarantees the retention of each flower’s exquisite quality and potency.

Environmental Consciousness: Advanced practices, including a reclaimed water filtration system, underscore their commitment to minimizing resource use.

At LAX CC, one of the highlighted products from Cannabiotix is the Cereal Milk flower. This hybrid strain, priced at $70.00 for 3.5g, features a robust THC content of 36.9%. Cereal Milk is celebrated for its unique flavor profile reminiscent of sweet, fruity milk, alongside effects that perfectly blend relaxation and euphoria. This strain, like others from Cannabiotix, showcases the brand’s dedication to delivering unparalleled cannabis experiences, combining potency with a sophisticated taste profile. Cannabiotix continues to innovate, offering a range of premium strains at LAX CC that cater to a diverse array of preferences and needs, making it a go-to brand for those seeking the pinnacle of cannabis quality.

Cannabis consumption has significantly evolved with technology, especially with the advent of vaping, which offers a discreet, convenient and efficient way to consume THC. Prefilled vape cartridges filled with THC oil have become popular because of their ease of use.

The most commonly utilized vape cartridges for vaping refined THC oil from cannabis are of two principal types: 510-threaded cartridges and pod-style cartridges. These varieties are produced by several cannabis brands, each with great features for different preferences and needs.

510-Threaded Cartridges: Named for their design, these cartridges screw onto a battery using a universal threading system known as “510.” This system is widely recognized for its compatibility with a vast range of vape pens, making 510-threaded cartridges a popular choice among users for their versatility.

Pod-Type Cartridges: These cartridges are designed to fit specific pod-based vaping systems. Unlike the 510-threaded cartridges, pod-type cartridges are proprietary to certain brands or devices, offering a more exclusive vaping experience. These pods often emphasize ease of use and are favored for their sleek design and straightforward functionality.

Disposable THC Vapes

Both types of cartridges are typically disposable, designed for a single use until the contained THC oil is depleted. While some cartridges come as part of ready-to-vape kits—complete with a pre-charged battery and filled with THC oil, making them usable right out of the package—most require the purchase of a separate vape pen battery to operate. The disposability factor underscores a convenience-oriented approach to vaping, eliminating the need for refilling or maintenance. However, it’s essential for users to ensure compatibility between their chosen cartridge type and the vape pen battery they intend to use, particularly when not opting for an all-in-one kit.

LAX Cannabis Club
Shop cult favorite STIIIZY at LAX Cannabis Club.

STIIIZY Vape Pods and All-in-Ones

STIIIZY stands out in the cannabis industry with their innovative THC vape pods, showcasing a dedication to quality, purity and the art of extraction. This brand has meticulously developed a range of products that cater to various preferences, all while maintaining a high standard of excellence. Below is a concise overview of STIIIZY’s offerings and their distinctive qualities:

Original THC Pods: The­­­se are crafted from a blend of natural flora, with naturally derived terpenes delivering a balanced aro­ma and taste for a consistent experience. They set a high standard for purity and innovation in the industry.

Cannabis Derived Terpene Pods: Extracted from single-sourced local cannabis plants, these pods preserve the natural terpene profile of each strain, enhancing both flavor and potency through optimum synergy.

Live Resin Pods: Utilizing cannabis plants that are freshly harvested and flash-frozen, these pods preserve the authentic taste profile and offer a full-spectrum cannabis extract. They are introduced seasonally in small batches, focusing on the entourage effect.

Live Resin Liquid Diamond Pods: A premium offering that melts diamonds into a liquid form for the highest potency possible, combined with live resin to ensure true cannabis flavor. This option promises a dab experience in a compact form.

Solventless Live Rosin Pods: These pods are extracted using only ice, water, heat and pressure, ensuring a solvent-free product that delivers potent and flavorful profiles. It represents STIIIZY’s commitment to purity and high-quality, terpene-rich experiences.

All-In-One THC Pens: For those on the go, these pens combine high-level THC oil with bold flavors in a portable, rechargeable package, embodying STIIIZY’s innovative approach to cannabis consumption.

LIIIL Disposable Pods: Offering convenience and quality, these disposable vape devices pack a punch in a small package, perfect for vaping enthusiasts looking for portability and ease of use.

STIIIZY’s product line is a testament to their pioneering spirit in the cannabis vape market. Each pod type is designed to cater to different user preferences, from those seeking the purest form of THC to others desiring the rich, complex profiles of live resin or the high potency of liquid diamonds. This diverse range ensures that STIIIZY has something for every cannabis user, whether you’re after the convenience of a disposable pen or the artisanal quality of solventless live rosin. Their commitment to innovation, quality control and purity makes STIIIZY a leading name for those seeking a superior vaping experience.

LAX Cannabis Club
Raw Garden’s range of Live Resin carts is available at LAX Cannabis Club

Raw Garden Refined Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridges

Premium Concentrates: Raw Garden cartridges are known for using high-quality, single-source live resin cannabis extracts. Live resin THC oil is produced from freshly harvested cannabis that’s been flash-frozen to preserve its full spectrum of terpenes (aromatic compounds) and cannabinoids (like THC and CBD).

Focus on Flavor and Effects: The live resin process results in concentrates that offer a robust, true-to-the-plant flavor profile and capture the potential entourage effects of the various compounds in the cannabis plant.

Cartridge Convenience: 510 thread cartridges are the standard in the vape industry, making Raw Garden products compatible with a wide array of batteries.

What Is “Refined Live Resin”?

Raw Garden’s “Refined Live Resin” takes the live resin concept a step further:

Initial Live Resin Extraction: The process begins just like traditional live resin production, where the flash-frozen cannabis plant is extracted to preserve its delicate compounds.

Purification: The key difference is that Raw Garden’s live resin then goes through a purification process to remove undesirable elements like fats, waxes, lipids and other plant matter.

Focus on Terpenes and Cannabinoids: This purification stage results in a concentrate that is exceptionally high in terpenes and cannabinoids, offering a potent and flavorful experience.

Benefits of Refined Live Resin

Smoother Hits: The removal of certain plant materials produces a concentrate that vaporizes more smoothly, potentially resulting in less harshness on the throat.

Intense Flavor and Effects: With a focused terpene and cannabinoid profile, the effects and taste are often more pronounced compared to less refined extracts.

Purity: Many consumers prefer the peace of mind that comes with a refined product containing only desirable cannabis compounds.

Types of THC Oil Inside of Vape Cartridges and Pods

Distillate THC Oil: Known for their high THC content, distillates offer a potent and clean experience. They’re favored for their purity and potency, making them a top choice for those looking for a strong and straightforward high.

Rosin Carts and Pods: Rosin is a solventless extract that preserves a wide spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, offering a full-flavored experience. These products are compatible with common vaping devices, making them a versatile option for vaping enthusiasts.

Live Resin Carts: Celebrated for its ability to preserve the cannabis plant terpenes and cannabinoids, live resin is made from fresh and frozen plants. This results in a more aromatic and flavorful vaping experience, closely resembling the plant’s original profile.

Shop Today at the LAX Cannabis Club Dispensary in Los Angeles

LAX Cannabis Club is the LA dispensary that’s earned its hype. Need those sought-after brands? They’ve got ’em.  Want to save some cash but still get great quality?  Their house brand delivers. And with 2000+ Google reviews praising their friendly service, you know you’re in good hands. LAX Cannabis Club checks all the boxes for a top-notch cannabis experience.­

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