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Dynavap WoodWynd Vaporizer Savors the Essence of Dry Herb

DynaVap’s WoodWynd Vaporizer
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Dynavap WoodWynd Vaporizer Savors the Essence of Dry Herb

Blending the old-school style of wooden smoke pieces with a modern, sleek titanium-complimented design, the WoodWynd is a smokeless and battery-free vape device from Dynavap is sure to elevate a flavorful cannabis experience.

Dynavap CEO George Breiwa wanted a cannabis vaporizer that was more than just “smoke and mirrors.” Ditch the fancy technological wiring and heavy-duty battery requirements—What happened to simply enjoying the essence of dry herb, effortlessly and efficiently?

Since 2015, Breiwa has worked to strategize and build a vaping solution that eliminates the concept of combustion. He turned the traditional vaping method on its head, challenging the notion that it was the end all be all. His discovery is what some call “The Dynavap Way.” It’s a more sustainable, flavorful and efficient vaping experience. Quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, Dynavap is expressing itself through a colorful kaleidoscope of numerous personalities; each vape device line and accessories are purposed for all walks of life. But we’ll save the cult culture behind Dynavap for a different day.

In this article, we take a closer look at the brand’s latest release—the WoodWynd. This new device blends the old-school style of wooden smoke pieces with a modern, sleek titanium-complimented design. A fusion of past, present and future the WoodWynd is an advanced dry herb vaporizer that will surely elevate your next smoke sesh.

 DynaVap’s WoodWynd Vaporizer
Dynavap’s innovative WoodWynd vaporizer.

A Work of Art

The WoodWynd is Dynavap’s sleek, wooden dry herb vaporizer designed to eliminate combustion so you can enjoy every drop of flavor from your cannabis.

Created with exceptional woodworking and innovative technology, the WoodWynd gives an ergonomic stem design that ensures an easy and comfortable grip for the utmost convenience for users. The mouthpiece features a mimicked triple helix to go with the Helix Tip, providing a hassle-free assembly that can be connected anytime with ease. Simple airflow control is offered by the vape’s oval airport and stem waist.

Not only does the WoodWynd present exceptional functionality to vape users, but it prioritizes safety and durability in the process. The Dynavap caps are made with medical-grade stainless steel, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting product with each use.

One standout feature of the WoodWynd is its incredible micro-dosing capabilities—the unique adjust-a-bowl feature embedded in the Helix Tip allows you to tailor the amount of flower you want to be vaporized, plus other preferences for your vaping experience. The WoodWynd’s Helix Tip comes with thick chamber walls to ensure an even and consistent roast of your cannabis. These micro-dosing capabilities truly make it an easy, portable vape to fit in for any time of day or adventure.

Additionally, you can use the WoodWynd vaporizer to extend and add on to other 10mm water piece openings. Even without a taper, this dry herb vaporizer seamlessly integrates with other water pieces, giving a snug fit to enhance the vaporizer’s overall performance.

Why We Love the WoodWynd

Similarly to Dynavap’s entire line of innovative vaporizing devices, the WoodWynd is favored for its unique, sleek and discreet portability. This wooden vaporizer comfortably fits in most pockets, so it can be enjoyed and carried throughout any adventure.

The battery-free element of the WoodWynd is meant to cut out the smoke in vaping, while also allowing you to stretch out your stash. Dynavap vaporizers use much less than your average supply’s worth for vaping, up to nearly 50% less. Not only does this help you conserve your flower during each smoke sesh, but the WoodWynd takes the terpenes and flavor you taste to a whole new high.

The thermal extraction concept of this dry herb vaporizer efficiently and fully draws out the rich flavors from the terpenes in cannabis, so you can enjoy your favorite strain with unmatched efficiency, flavor and overall high experience. When the cap is cooled, you’ll hear a click again. You can either load more bud into the vape or store it away for the next session.

Combined with a vintage wood style and innovative, advanced smokeless technology, the WoodWynd is a crafted work of art that doubles as a sophisticated dry herb vaping experience.

 DynaVap’s WoodWynd Vaporizer

Designed With the User in Mind

Each Dynavap device preserves the purity of your herb with sophisticated, heat-not-burn technology that resembles the modern vaping experience. With a commitment to delivering an all-around quality experience, the brand uses durable, well-made parts so that you can count on it to work properly every single time. There’s also the Dynavap fans who have fun adding to their collection and outfitting their vapes with new colored accessories.

You don’t have to smoke a bowl or roll a joint to enjoy dry herb. In fact, Dynavap makes enjoying dry flower accessible to even more people, thanks to their combustion-free process. For all the folks who turned to vaping because the sensation of burning flower was too much to handle, give Dynvap a try. This brand is truly blending the lines of traditional dry herb consumption and modern day vaping like no other.  

Dynavap offers a few different lines of battery-free dry herb vaporizers, available in either durable titanium, stainless steel or wood materials. Because there are no batteries, these vaporizers simply require a torch or lighter as a heat source. Even more, Dynavap offers a variety of add-on accessories and pieces to bring more functionality and specialization to your use of their products.

DynaVap Appreciates Cannabis Smoking Rituals

It’s no secret that Dynavap is on the path to “making smoking history.” With their unique alternative to traditional smoking methods, Dynavap is a leading innovator in cannabis vaporizers, crafting devices that provide unmatched flavor, durability and accessibility to consumers.

Designed and manufactured with craftsmanship in Wisconsin, the WoodWynd is more than just another new cannabis technology—it’s a dry herb vaporizer that gives you the colorful tastes of terpenes while using less of your flower for the same effect.

Whether you choose the WoodWynd vaporizer, or another one of Dynavap’s battery-free vapes, every product from this brand represents innovation and craftsmanship. No other brand quite captures the past and present of the cannabis smoking experience like this one.

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