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Cannabis for Christmas: Strains to Celebrate the Season

A Macro Photograph of Super Silver Haze Against a Black Backdrop
Super Silver Haze by Yoshi Taima


Cannabis for Christmas: Strains to Celebrate the Season

We’ve selected some samples strains that will bring that classic scent of pine away from the evergreen and into your pipe, vaporizer or joint wherever you may find space to enjoy cannabis this holiday.

As the mainstream acceptance of cannabis use rumbles ever forward across the globe, the time when families and friends can gather around the Christmas tree vaporizing top-shelf cannabis may not be as far off as it once seemed. Those who choose to honor their health and turn away from the mulled wines and spiked egg nog this year should not have to hide their enjoyment of our favorite flower.

That signature scent of most flowers and plants, including the pine tree propped in the living room, originates from terpenes. As master horticulturalist Ed Rosenthal explains in his Big Book of Buds series, terpenes are also the components of cannabis responsible for the different effects and odors of the many varieties of marijuana.

“Pinene is the familiar odor associated with pine trees and their resin,” Rosenthal writes in the Big Book of Buds, volume 4. “Pinene probably gives true skunk varieties, the ones that stink like an animal, much of their odor… The smoke seems to expand in your lungs and the high comes on very quickly since a high percentage of the substance will pass to the bloodstream and brain.”

Pinene, which is most dominantly found in cannabis as the compound alpha-pinene, is the terpene that has established a solid reputation for tasting and smelling like a pine tree. The following three strains are sure to bring on this unique flavor so often associated with the holiday season.

Jack Herer – As Dru West explains in our Issue 16 release, this world-renowned strain was named after and bred in honor of the legendary author and cannabis activist, Jack Herer. “Upon the first draw, you immediately begin to identify its complex flavors,” West says. “It’s almost as if you can roll the smoke over the different parts of your tongue and taste each one individually. After exhaling, you will enjoy the lingering taste of the haze and lemon cleaner. A single experience smoking this strain is all it takes to be able to confidently identify it in the future as well as recognize strains with which it has been bred.”

Super Silver Haze – This selection comes compliments of Strainhunter Franco Loja. Loja is the manager of Green House Seed Co. and says Super Sliver Haze offers the highest levels of alpha-pinene. This strain is an uplifting sativa and bursts with skunk-like notes alongside the sweet floral of its Haze parentage. Super Silver Haze is a great choice for keeping your energy going today.

Bubba Kush – This Green House Seed Co. offering is known for causing powerful sedative effects. Enjoy this strain after the company has left for the day. It’s a great solution towards ensuring the new year begins in a state of complete relaxation and reflection.

What are your favorite strains? Tell us in the comments below. 

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