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Essential 420 tips 2018 Cannabis Now
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Tips for 420

Here are some ways to make sure this year’s 420 is the best yet.

Here at Cannabis Now, every day is 420, so we’ve compiled a list of pro tips to help you live your 420 to the fullest on the biggest legal celebration of the holiday ever!

Smoking large of boutique-quality cannabis can be a challenge, but thanks to all the new regulated markets in America this year it will be cheaper than ever to see if you’re up to it. To accomplish your consumption goals you’re going to need a plan.

One person who’s been dialing in his 420 repertoire for years is popular cannabis author, expert, and enthusiast David Bienenstock. In addition to penning guide and how-to books on how to be the best cannabis user you can be, Bienenstock also recently launched a podcast with fellow Vice vet Abdullah Saeed called “Great Moments in Weed History.” This week they explored the full mythology and lore of 420.

Few have been covering the festivities longer than Bienenstock and he shared some thoughts on the holiday with Cannabis Now.

“I think the optimal way to celebrate 420 is to get together with your friends, get high, and then embark on a fun adventure of some kind — just like the Waldos did back in 1971, when they went looking for that hidden pot garden,” Bienenstock said. “If that means heading out to a big a weed-themed event, march, rally or concert, all the better. But just remember it’s a day set aside for blazing with your friends, not business and marketing. And also remember to put one in the air for the Waldos, they really gave cannabis culture a gift by helping to birth this incredible grassroots global holiday.”

Think of this list as some boxes that are definitely worth checking in your preparations. Some will be a pinch more obvious, some a bit more advanced, but in the end, they’ll all contribute to a fantastic holiday experience.


As noted above, the aim is to get out there with the team. Plan your activities in advance, not after smoking a bunch of crazy indicas and it feels like the couch cushions have magnets. Part of the cannabis experience is how much more fun things are when using it, get out into some fresh stimuli to make the most of the holiday this year!


Spin to win my friends! If you’re not purchasing prerolled joints or vape pens, get the production effort ready in the day while you run through your attack plan in your head and listens to your first play through of Bob Marley’s ‘Legend’ album. For real though, rolling on the go is the worst, and you’ll look wicked smart as you continuously light consecutive joints or backwoods.

Think Potluck

While good pot is cheaper than ever, it’s not free. Grab a nice quantity to join up with the homies and see what they brought for the festivities. This is a great way to keep the rotation constant like a Eternal 420 Flame. Should the table appear to be empty, get new homies next year.


Don’t be the fainter dawg. First a dab is ringing your bell, then you wake up looking at the sky with Billy fanning your face. Plus, if you drop on 420 you’ll never play for the Yankees again. You can’t get back on Team Puff Tough once you’ve already put yourself on the sidelines, there is no coach. Which brings us to our next point.

Define Moderation By Experience Level

Lot’s of new faces are joining the festivities this year, how can we expect them to keep up with you? You’re a tank. So be sure to not forget the definition of moderation varies by experience level and don’t make your friends overdue it. And equally so to the more casual user taking part, don’t talk down to people going hard. Nobody is making you smoke anything and it’s like complaining about the baby Jesus in the manger being too bright on Christmas.


You ever see those Hippie ladies with the sweet utility belts? 420 is like their offseason Burning Man and for good reason: few holidays require as many pockets. Have rolling papers, chapstick, blunts and a grinder, and that’s only like 8 percent of it.

Be Sanitary

Don’t be a dirty wook; be fluffy and well-conditioned like Chewbacca! While the world is generally a messy place, you’ll have plenty of extra opportunities to catch new flu strains or taste dirty bong water on 420. Do your best to not contribute to that kind of madness, or be a victim of it.

Have Fun

Finally, rage hard and remember to tag your Instagram posts #CannabisNow420 and follow us on Instagram!

TELL US, how are you celebrating 420?

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