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Trippador Pipes

Set of Trippador antler pipes displayed on black cloth.

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Trippador Pipes

Deer antler is a fantastic organic material to make pipes; it keeps smoke cool and draws clean. The Sherlock and the Spoon, two of the offerings by Trippador Pipes out of Tennessee, both look and perform great. The Spoon, the more transportable of the two models, features a stem drilled all the way through, providing a convenient carb and making it easy to clean. The Sherlock is nice because it stands up on its own and would make a handsome desk decoration or paper weight. And because deer shed their antlers every season, no animals are harmed in the making of these pipes. Any smoker looking for a different organic material to keep their smoke cool and clean should give Trippador deer antler pipes a try.

First appeared in Issue 7 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

Click here to purchase / $12.99-$33.99

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