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Editor’s Pick: Method Seven

A pair of method seven glasses up against the lens to show the difference between plants under lights without the glasses and with.

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Editor’s Pick: Method Seven

Anyone who’s ever tended a garden under High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights knows that plants love the chlorophyll-stimulating light spectra the boxy lights can pump out. Unfortunately, the same spectra (spiking around 660nm and 480nm) which do such a great job of feeding photosynthesis in plants can also distort the gardener’s view, as the orange and amber tones of HPS can often wash out signs of nutrient deficiency and other problems.

The engineers behind the Method 7 grow room glasses responded by placing a blueshifting light filter in between the grower’s eyes and the amber lights, which cancels out the orange distortions of HPS and allows the indoor gardener to view plants as they would look under the full light of the sun. This gives the indoor grower an advantage by making pests and other potential problems visible sooner than they would be otherwise.

Method 7 glasses fit comfortably, its apparent their makers put some thought into the long hours indoor growers often have to spend at work under their lights. The shades, which can also be made in custom prescriptions, provide complete protection from all three types of ultraviolet rays while maintaining a perfect color balance.

especially | Jessica Catalano + Cannabis Now Magazine

The glasses (which our publisher also said worked beautifully on another type of green at the golf course, taking at least three strokes off his handicap) are our pick due to their high-quality craftsmanship and lifetime warranty. The price is also very reasonable, giving growers a chance to see their plants like never before.

Method 7 was our editor’s pick in Issue 7 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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