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How to Pair Cannabis & Chocolate for a Dank Valentine’s Day

How to Pair Pot & Chocolate for Valentine’s Day
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How to Pair Cannabis & Chocolate for a Dank Valentine’s Day

Love won’t be the only thing in the air when you figure out the perfect strain to go with your Ferrero Rochers.

It’s that time of the year again when all of the telltale signs of the “love holiday” pop up everywhere. The push to buy a gift for your sweetie starts early in the year, and by the time it gets to Feb. 14, all of the reds, pinks, stuffed animals, heart-shaped candy boxes, jewelry and sentimental cards are pretty much impossible to escape.

But this year, you can keep things simple with a classic combination — weed and chocolate — that will probably make your Valentine happier than they expected. It’s true that after smoking cannabis, snacking on a piece of chocolate can make you feel like you’re in heaven.

But it’s more than just the munchies that makes the pairing so pleasurable.

All About Anandamide

Chocolate contains an endocannabinoid called anandamide (derived from the Sanskrit word “ananda” which means bliss) that is naturally produced in the body and mimics cannabinoids found in cannabis. The powerful chemical is known for increasing feelings of happiness and overall well-being, effects that are often associated with THC. The similarities between the two compounds actually boost each other’s effects when consumed together.

When it comes to pairing chocolate and cannabis together, there are a few things to consider. First, in order to really experience the combined effects benefits of this duo, you’ll need to be eating high-quality dark chocolate. Super sweet, sugary milk chocolate will not be as high in anandamide because it has less cocoa. Luckily dark chocolate comes in many different flavors and textures, so you can start your pairing adventure there.

Next, you should be deliberate about the particular strain you choose. Dark chocolate tends to be richer and more bitter than milk chocolate, so the strain you pick should be bold enough to stand up against the chocolate flavor while also complementing it.

Look into the terpene profile of a strain and take it from there. For example, if you opt for a citrusy, blood orange dark chocolate, look for strains with limonene in them. A mint dark chocolate would pair well with pinene, while something like a chili dark chocolate might work well with strains that have myrcene’s spicy, earthy taste to them.

Cannabis, Chocolate & Chill

You should let your person decide how they’d like to enjoy their cannabis and chocolate pairing, but you can definitely give them a few suggestions.

If you’ve been really intentional about the strain and type of chocolate, then it would probably be more interesting for them to smoke or vape and nibble on some chocolate at the same time to see how the flavors complement one another. If you’re just banking on the THC and anandamide combination to boost one another, then they can smoke or vape first and then enjoy their chocolate afterward.

For anyone who doesn’t smoke or simply prefers to consume their cannabis via infused treats, then edibles are the way to go. If you’re into baking things, you can infuse cannabutter or oil with your strain of choice and make some of your own desserts, like infused chocolates or ho-ho cupcakes.

And let’s not forget the convenience of premade chocolate edibles! Though you’ll have less control over the specific strains and pairings, if you decide to purchase infused chocolates, many brands now specify the strain used in their product — or at the very least, you can usually choose between an indica, a sativa or a hybrid.

Just make sure you explain the link between chocolate (anandamide) and cannabis (THC), so your lover can enjoy the experience as much as you enjoyed creating it — especially if you took the time to make a spot-on pairing for your special someone.

TELL US, are you integrating cannabis into your Valentine’s Day celebration?

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