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Scale Up With Mobius’ Cannabis Automation Suite

Mobius Cannabis Automation Suite
Photos courtesy of Mobius


Scale Up With Mobius’ Cannabis Automation Suite

The automated suite from industry leaders Mobius is designed to streamline the cannabis processing workflow.

It’s no secret that the commercial cannabis market is more competitive than ever. Utilizing specialist equipment is the smart choice for gaining a competitive advantage over other brands. Mobius, an industry leader in post-harvest cannabis and hemp automation equipment, has engineered a suite of products to fix production problems faced by cannabis processors. The Mobius cannabis automation suite is the future of cannabis processing.

Designed for consistency, the automated end-to-end suite moves and processes your cannabis crop flawlessly—with fewer chances for human error or contamination—giving you faster speed to market, better employee retention, and a stronger foundation for growth. Automated cannabis processing equipment offers multiple advantages over manual processing methods. We’ve highlighted some of the top benefits below.

Increased Efficiency: Bucking, trimming, drying, extracting, purifying and packing are just a few of the processes that can be completed quicker with automated cannabis processing equipment. With more production and throughput capacity due to the increased efficiency, cannabis producers may be able to process larger amounts of cannabis faster.

Improved Product Consistency: Automated machinery can supply accurate and reliable processing parameters, guaranteeing that each batch of cannabis products meets the same standards. The resulting products will have consistent quality, potency, and appearance—all essential aspects for building brand awareness and strengthening your reputation.

Reduced Labor Costs: The necessity for manual labor, which may be a substantial expense in cannabis processing businesses, can be reduced with automated technology. The right machines can cut labor expenses, lower the chance of human mistakes and free up staff to work on more complex, specialized activities by automating repetitive processes such as trimming or packaging.

Enhanced Safety: Automated machinery can reduce the possibility of human error, as well as the risk of accidents or injuries in the processing area. Automated cannabis processing equipment is built with safety features, including sensors, interlocks, and emergency stops to ensure safe operation and protection for your team.

Regulatory Compliance: The cannabis industry is heavily regulated, with strict guidelines and requirements for processing operations. By providing precise and consistent parameters, batch tracking, and documentation, automated cannabis processing technology can assist producers in adhering to regulatory standards. This makes regulatory compliance more manageable and ensures adherence to industry norms.

Scalability: Being able to grow your facility’s output at speed is crucial in today’s highly competitive market. With the right automated cannabis processing machinery, you—the producer—have the flexibility to scale production up or down. You have the power to adjust to shifting market demands and structure operations most effectively.

Improved Product Quality: Automated processing machinery can offer exact control over processing parameters, improving the quality of the finished product. More consistent settings, for instance, translate to a more consistent set of cannabinoid and terpene profiles in cannabis extracts. This means you can deliver higher-quality products that satisfy consumers every single time.

Mobius Cannabis Automation Suite
The Mobius Automation Suite.

The Mobius Cannabis Automation Suite

There are various types of automated cannabis processing equipment available on the market, each catering to specific stages of the cannabis processing chain. Overall, automated cannabis processing equipment offers numerous benefits. However, it’s essential to select equipment that meets your operation’s specific processing needs and is also compliant with industry regulations and guidelines.

“The Mobius Automation Suite was designed with cannabis cultivators and processors in mind,” says Emma Levine, Mobius’ marketing manager. “The equipment can be set up in various configurations to fit the needs of each workflow. From start to finish, the automation suite is gentle on flower and delivers high quality, potent product.”

Let’s look at the full end-to-end cannabis automation suite from Mobius and see how it can help you run a more efficient facility.

MBX Bucker

The MBX Bucker is a commercial bucking machine with a conveniently integrated stem chipper that’s designed for continuous high-speed operation and maximum uptime. This machine gently separates cannabis and hemp flowers from their stems at a rate of up to 150 pounds per hour. It then chips the stems with an inbuilt chipper for simple, affordable disposal of byproduct waste. Mobius provides a Complete Cannabis and Hemp Bucker Buyer’s Guide to provide you with all the knowledge you need to choose an effective machine for your business and ensure you get the most out of it.

M108S Trimmer

The commercial M108S Cannabis Trimmer is the most technically advanced bud trimmer in the cannabis industry and has revolutionized trim rooms around the world. Unlike conventional trimmers, the M108S is built with cutting-edge technology that allows it to deliver hand-trim quality with minimal losses.

M9 Bud Sorter

The M9 is the quickest and most accurate commercial cannabis sorter on the market, boasting an impressive 78 inches of sorting distance. The M9 efficiently sorts flowers according to size to simplify post-harvest procedures and maximize the sellable value of your crop, boosting efficiency and competitiveness while enhancing the marketability of your product.

Cannabis Conveyors

Mobius’ commercial conveyors expedite the processing of your cannabis for significant labor cost savings and improved product quality. Conveyors reduce contamination and improve quality control by removing human touchpoints. You can combine and match components to meet your needs or completely tailor your conveyors with full automation.

M210 Cannabis Mill

Ordinary mills struggle to meet the requirements that come with grinding resinous cannabis flower. Mobius developed the M210 commercial cannabis grinder for pre-rolls and extracts in response to this unique need. This stainless-steel mill delivers consistent particle sizes for every cannabis application while maintaining high-value medicinal compounds and minimizing cleaning. The M210 is a GMP-ready workhorse designed to help you expand your company to an industrial level and is compatible with dry flower, fresh-frozen, and trim for pre-rolls.

M60 Cannabis Mill

Specifically built for smaller to medium-sized facilities, the M60 Mill is a scaled-down version of the M210. This small but powerful machine features similar proprietary technology without taking up as much valuable space in trim rooms or degrading cannabinoids or terpenes. The M60 perfectly grinds cannabis to a uniform particle size at a rate of up to 20 pounds per hour while maintaining a precise, uniform grind.

Additionally, all Mobius equipment has a money-back guarantee and is ready for integration into GMP facilities. If you’re ready to invest in your cannabis processing workflow and automate your facility, you need Mobius.

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