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Three Kasher picks next to one another.



Every smoker needs a “pokey thing” to freshen a bowl. Located somewhere in the ashtrays cannabis smokers hastily put away when guests arrive is likely a paperclip, straightened out and covered in resin. But keeping a pokey handy can sometimes be a problem, resulting in fingertips turned ashen from checking whether the bowl is cashed.

Kasher is a stainless steel pokey that fits on a lighter so the smoker with a lighter will never be at a loss for a pokey. The Kasher fits snugly on the lighter and can be transferred to a new lighter when the fluid runs out. The Kasher also has a sleek look and could be slipped on a fingertip for smokers preferring the Freddy Kruger/Wolverine look.

First appeared in Issue 9 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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