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Milwaukee Instruments Proves Precise Measurements Matter

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Milwaukee Instruments Proves Precise Measurements Matter

Learn how Milwaukee Instruments makes it possible for professional and beginner growers around the world to gain more accurate and precise digital analysis in their cultivation operations. Learn exactly what your crop needs for optimal growth.  

Milwaukee Instruments is a worldwide manufacturer of grow instruments for various uses, applications and industries. Their quality line of precision measurement instruments provides any business or individual operating a big or small cultivation facility with precise digital analysis.

No matter if you’re managing a small hydroponics home grow for the first time or tackling a large greenhouse cultivation—accurately determining the pH level, EC and TDS measurements of your crop is the most direct way to understand exactly what your plants need. Milwaukee Instruments’ line of pH testers, monitors, controllers, and portable instruments makes it easy to collect accurate test results so that you have the data you need for key decision-making and optimal growth.

A Top Nutrient Management Solution for Cannabis

Founded in 1985, Milwaukee’s expert team has nearly four decades of service under their belt. It’s clear this extensive experience plays a role in the design of these high-quality digital measurement instruments.

Among the wide range of solutions that all of Milwaukee Instruments’ products can provide, their pH, TDS, EC and temperature meters are designed to be the ultimate solution for nutrient management in your cannabis plants. Especially for your cultivation and crop, accurate digital readings of pH, EC, TDS and temperature are beyond crucial. It’s a daily detail required for your plant’s optimal growth. A few of the key factors that Milwaukee’s digital instruments test for include:

  • pH levels: This measurement in your crop indicates whether the environment for the plant (such as the water in an hydroponic setup), is acidic, neutral or basic. Fluctuating pH levels can affect the plant’s nutrient and water absorption, reducing the efficiency of fertilizer, herbicides or supplements given to plants. 
  • EC (electrical conductivity): This is the measure of total dissolved salts in a solution (such as the plant’s water or fertilizer). The EC also influences a plant’s ability to absorb water and will help determine various other factors, such as if more (or less) fertilizer is required for optimal plant growth.

In addition to the essential pH, EC and TDS meters required for cannabis cultivation, Milwaukee Instruments offers a wide range of tests for various applications and industries—from ammonia, chlorine or nitrogen tests for hydroponic cultivations, to glucose and salt or sugar refractometers for food manufacturing.

The Milwaukee pH/TDS/Temp Monitor Max MC810.

Milwaukee Instruments’ Top Cultivation Products

Now that you know what kinds of tests Milwaukee Instruments tools can control, let’s review some favorite products that cannabis cultivators have incorporated into their grow operations.

Known as Milwaukee’s Max Combo Meter, the 4-in-1 Milwaukee MW805 MAX Meter lets you easily and accurately test pH levels, electrical conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS) in plants—all while using a single meter and integrated probe. With the Max Combo Meter, growers can accurately measure the EC, pH, TDS and temperature of their cultivation without tangling multiple wires in the process. This instrument is ideal for medium to small growers who are looking for a portable meter solution with easy-to-use features, anywhere and at any time.

Any true grower or cultivator understands the careful eye your plants have to be under to maintain your crop’s health and vigor. Milwaukee’s pH/TDS/Temp Monitor Max MC810 takes the hassle out of guarding your plants, allowing automatic monitoring and displaying of accurate pH/TDS/temperature levels to help get the job done. This monitor is a measuring instrument ideal for growers who are looking for 24/7 coverage and to assess their crop’s pH and nutrient levels on an ongoing basis. The Milwaukee Max Monitor has been especially useful for ongoing operations for nutrient tanks, hydroponics or aquariums. Simply calibrate the parameters for your cultivation and let the Milwaukee Max Monitor do the rest.

The Milwaukee Waterproof pH & Temperature Tester Meter is one of the most cost-effective solutions for growers and cultivators looking for accurate pH and temperature readings on their plants. As one of the most well-rounded and reliable testers on the market, the PH55 PRO Tester Meter comes with accessible features such as 2-point automatic calibration, a cost-effective replaceable pH probe, a selection for two sets of memorized buffers, and dual-level LCD readouts. Designed to be IP65 dustproof and waterproof rated, long-lasting, and provide accurate readings in a fast response, the Milwaukee Tester Meter is ideal for just about any company or grower looking for a precise pH reading – including aquariums, hydroponics, horticulture, education, pools, beer and many other applications.

The Milwaukee EC60 or EC59 PRO 3-in-1 testers are designed for growers to keep track of a plant’s nutrient feeding, accurately assessing the ideal amount of nutrients available in the water or soil. These IP65 rated dustproof and waterproof testers precisely measure the EC, TDS and temperature rate of your cultivation. This 3-in-1 tester from Milwaukee is designed to assist hydroponic growers or cultivators of any kind in keeping their EC/TDS in the targeted range while getting a better and more accurate reading of your results.

The Milwaukee MC122 PRO pH Controller.

Precision Measurement Solutions for Any Task

While headquartered in the US and manufactured in Europe, Milwaukee Instruments proudly serves thousands of clients globally for their digital testers and precision controllers. For 38 years, the company has made it possible for professionals, enthusiasts and beginners around the world to move from difficult and inaccurate visual testing to more accurate and precise digital analysis.

However, while Milwaukee Instruments has a wide range of businesses and scenarios, it’s evident that no single solution or answer is the same. That’s why each instrument you’ll find in their product inventory is equipped with a variety of handy features and benefits that allow you to find precise readings on testing metrics.     This will make the process of regulating your crop or scaled cultivation much easier for you as a grower, helping you to save precious time while gaining the results you’re seeking.

The Milwaukee PH55 PRO Waterproof pH & Temperature Tester. 

Filling the Gaps

Milwaukee Instruments prides itself on creating solutions for any given issue or concern that could arise in the world of cultivation. Looking for an accurate pH reading for your mass cultivation? Searching for a more precise read on a TDS meter while feeding your plants? Perhaps you’re stuck on determining the accuracy of your current EC meter. Milwaukee Instruments will find the best solutions for your grow needs.

Milwaukee Instruments Is Perfecting the Art of Cultivation

Milwaukee Instruments understands how critical monitoring and testing plant nutrients is when it comes to cultivation. And perhaps equally importantly, the company understands how any complication that arises may require a unique solution. Aside from their high-quality, efficient digital testers and meters, Milwaukee Instruments proudly offers ongoing support for customers—with simple, responsive and informative assistance from real humans, not automated bots.

The art of cultivation, no matter the industry, is a careful and complex dance. It requires fully understanding what your plants need and why. Without the proper digital testing devices and instruments in place, you’ll get lost in the dark as a grower. Take the guesswork out of your plant’s pH levels and let Milwaukee Instruments be your efficient and reliable solution to precise, durable meters and grow instruments.

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