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Ganja for Mama: The Best Cannagifts for Mother’s Day

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Ganja for Mama: The Best Cannagifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so if you haven’t already figured out gifts for the bud-loving mothers in your life, you better check our list and get to it.

Once upon a time, it used to just be the cool parents who smoked cannabis. Now, parents of all stripes and lifestyles are reviving their college days habits or just trying out cannabis for the first time thanks to the blossoming acceptance around the plant’s healing powers. Some smoke, some vape, some prefer edibles, others stick to topicals or tinctures and others dabble in a little bit of everything. Whatever your mom favors, you can find something below that will make her smile on her special day.

Kandy Pens Elite

Step her accessory game up with this elegant rose gold portable vape that was named “Best Vape Pen 2017” by The Vape Critic. With its quartz crystal vape chamber, titanium coils, elevated air holes and a mouthpiece carb, she’ll appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to both style and substance.

Cannabis Greeting Cards Cannabis Now Magazine


If you need something quick and easy, this cannabis-friendly greeting card your goto. Just roll a joint of your mom’s favorite strain or go buy a pre-roll, affix it to the front of the card and let the good times roll. With a match striker right there attached to the card, you guys can light up right away.


Moms that like to have fun in the kitchen will appreciate this gift that keeps on giving. Make infused butter, oil, tinctures and more by adding cannabis and your chosen base to the machine, press a button and let it do all of the work. After straining and cooling, she can use the base for anything she choose from desserts to entrees to topicals.

Tokin Women Book Cannabis Now

Tokin’ Women

Inspire your mom with this book that celebrates the deep “herstory” of cannabis with profiles of women from ancient history and contemporary culture.  She can learn about goddesses like Ishtar from Sumeria, Seshat from Egypt, Magu from China and Parvati from India, find out more about entertainers like Whoopi Goldberg who now has her own cannabis-infused product line, Janis Joplin, and Billie Holiday, or academics like “Nickel and Dimed” author Barbara Ehrenreich and renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead.

Stoner's Coloring Book Trees and Mushrooms

The Stoner’s Coloring Book: Coloring for High-Minded Adults

For moms that are a little more conservative in their cannabis journey, you may not be ready to just hand your mom an eighth and blunt wrap as a gift but you can still give a nod to her chill lifestyle and help your dear mom de-stress a bit with one of these coloring books designed specifically for stoners. It’s soothing, meditative and something she can enjoy after a long day.


Ready to splurge a little bit and ball out on your favorite girl? Fashion meets function with this stylishly discreet with a bag deliberately designed to help keep the telltale smell of cannabis from wafting into the air. Keep her cute with a little clutch or vape case or glam it up with a black quilted bag or fancy mini-backpack.

Smokies Toke Couture

If your mom is out, loud and proud about her cannabis lifestyle, she may be into this awesome, handcrafted line of marijuana jewelry, clothing and accessories. You can keep it simple with a nice pair of cannabis leaf earrings, be sentimental with a pair of matching “Best Buds” T-shirts or spoil her with a decadent gold joint case.

Baked Goods

Take mom back to your elementary school days when you used to take the time to make things for her by hand with some delicious baked goods made with love. Make her some cannabis-infused banana bread, Chewy Vegan Chocolate Thai Kief Chip Cookie or go all out with a full on canna-brunch. You can also check out our edibles section for other ideas. Get creative!

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