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Dab Roast TV Show Celebrates Concentrates

Dab Roast TV Show
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Dab Roast TV Show Celebrates Concentrates

The Dab Roast challenges celebrity guests to bare all in between 10 hits of the hottest concentrates on the market.

The old Latin saying, “in vino veritas,” translates to “in wine, there is truth.” The same can often be said about weed. Creators of “The Dab Roast” certainly had this and a love of cannabis in mind when developing their increasingly popular online show. 

For creator, producer and showrunner Scott McKinley, it was about providing a unique showcase of some of the finest concentrates on the market while offering guests the chance for a truly one-of-a-kind interview. Each episode features 10 questions paired with 10 dabs – a play on the infamous show “Hot Ones,” which features celebrities eating progressively spicier chicken wings, most often with hilarious results.

“I wanted a platform outside of the normal box you are put in for marketing your brand,” McKinley told Cannabis Now via email. “‘The Dab Roast’ is quickly becoming a nationally followed show in all markets giving cannabis companies a unique opportunity to gain visibility in a new place.”

Many artists, actors and comedians openly discuss their adoration of the cannabis plant, but the opportunity to both walk the walk and talk the talk is something “The Dab Roast” puts front and center. The eloquence and honesty that shines through every hit is unexpectedly refreshing yet wildly entertaining.

Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

Offering a highly entertaining glimpse into cannabis culture, “The Dab Roast” celebrates concentrates in a way not yet seen in mass media. While other consumer-centric content has appeared in the wake of a newfound era of legalization, it has often fallen flat in terms of authenticity. 

The show is hosted by musician, producer and terp-smoking viral sensation Chris Crayzie. The artist, whose stoner antics have been featured on “Ridculousness,” says he loves watching guests go from zero to 100 throughout the course of their shared dabbing experience.

“It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen,” he said. “My favorite part about hosting is interacting with the guests and seeing them from sober to plastered.” 

In the recent season premier, rapper Tyla Yaweh hits the e-nail hard while sharing stories about going from trap life to talking shop with Drake and how it feels to be the first artist signed to Post Malone’s label, London Entertainment. Yaweh also touched on his own aspirations for launching a cannabis brand, as predecessors Jay-Z, Berner and Wiz Khalifa have done.

Crayzie, who has dabbed alongside the likes of Rose McGowan, Redman, and NBA legend Shawn Kemp on the show, felt the young up-and-comer held his own. But even the pros get the wind knocked out of them sometimes, he admitted.

“He really fought a good fight, but ‘The Dab Roast’ roasted him completely,” Crayzie said in between laughs. “Air swimming, throwing up – he went through a myriad of emotions.” 

Future Episodes to Feature Tommy Chong, Doug Benson

While still relatively new, “The Dab Roast” is already garnering plenty of attention. The show recently booked cannabis icons Tommy Chong and Doug Benson, whose special appearances will coincide with 7/10, the official holiday for concentrate fans around the world (710 is “oil” upside down).

When asked who his dream guests would be, McKinley listed Andrew Yang and Micheal Phelps as his top prospects, as well as Tiffany Hadish, noting he would love to see more strong female voices appear.

When asked what viewers can expect to see in the new season, the team was tight-lipped but promised tons of can’t miss moments and surprises.

“There are some great jewels in every episode,” McKinley teased, saying he didn’t want to reveal any spoilers. 

Episodes drop monthly on and the show’s YouTube page. In addition to Chong and Benson, future guests include Hed PD frontman Jahred Gomes and viral sensation Piques. Producers hope to feature a diverse group of guests from different realms to help illustrate how the cannabis plant is universally adored across subcultures, and the world.

And while McKinley and the rest of the folks at “The Dab Roast” are certainly pleased with the show’s current direction, the fact that they can do the program at all that is what’s most inspiring.

“We are excited to live in a world that’s ready for a show like this to exist,” McKinley said. 

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