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The 12 Days of Kushmas: 7 Bongs a-Blazing

Jane West Cannabis Now


The 12 Days of Kushmas: 7 Bongs a-Blazing

On the seventh day of Kushmas, my true love gave to me: seven bongs a-blazing!

Tis the season to bring back the bong!

While it’s nice and cold outside, it’s the perfect time to chill out, get comfortable and revive your old friend that might have been put on the shelf during the warmer months of outside adventuring. Whether you take a few rips alone or turn it into a social occasion, we recommend that you hit these bongs while putting the finishing touches on your tree or sipping on some cannabis-infused caramel toffee with your favorite people.

Pulse Glass

Four Double Showerhead Nanos by Pulse glass stand side by side on a white background.

This Southern California-based brand makes hand-crafted and hand-blown glass using 5mm-thick German Schott glass with a 7mm base for added strength and durability. With a first place award from Seattle’s High Times Cup for “Best Glass,” as well as a victory for “Best Bubbler and “Best Tube” at the Kush Cup in Los Angeles, these high quality pieces are some of the best in the game.

Jane West X Grav Beaker

Jane West Cannabis Now

Jane West, the CEO and founder of Women Grow, teamed up with GRAV Labs to produce a stylish, sleek bong that looks as good on the table as a vase. The signature cobalt bong is made with borosilicate glass comes with a custom 14mm male bowl and is elegantly designed without compromising its functionality.

Hitman Glass 14” Tube

Hitman Bong Cannabis Now

Less is more when it comes to this straight-forward, American-made 14 inch bong constructed of 50×5 tubing. There are no bells and whistles on this bong, just a quality, handmade piece that comes with the Hitman downstem and a nice, wide mouthpiece. 

Purr Swiss Honeycomb Heady Bong

Kushmas Bong Cannabis Now

The honeycomb disc perc in this good-looking bong diffuses plumes of smoke through 19 points before delivering the cooled smoke to the mouthpiece. Made from hand-pulled glass, with a reinforced stemless design and stylized ice pinches to prevent unwanted splash, it’s clear that for founder Chad Zindroski, his designs were not only about being unique and well-designed, but also about being practical and useful.

Marley Naturals Smoked Glass Water Pipe

Bob Marley Cannabis Now

Although this brand is best known for their strains (and being named after the legendary Reggae musician and icon), they also make classy smoking accessories from bubblers and pipes to their beaker-style smoked glass bong. This beaker-style water pipe is a simple, minimalist piece that could easily become a staple.

Mothership Glass Ball Rig

Ball Rig Cannabis Now

With its bold and polished look, the Ball Rig bong is worth the splurge. Shaped almost like a treble clef, the piece features a downstem goes straight through the cool inner sphere for a nice, seamless design that is both awesome-looking and practical.

Beta Glass Labs Alpha 2.0

Beta Glass Cannabis Now

This little baby might be small (at just under 8 inches tall) but it’s definitely not lacking in design or quality. It provides maximum filtration through its three-stage system, has a 23 karat gold label and comes hand-serialized in titanium. Choose from clear glass or their accented editions in orange or blue.

TELL US, which bong would you give your favorite smoke buddy?

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