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The 12 Days of Kushmas: 3 French Hashes

Photo Kevin Dooley


The 12 Days of Kushmas: 3 French Hashes

For the third day of Kushmas, my true love gave to me: three French hashes.

As his birthday falls on Dec. 13, Christmas always comes early for master hashishin Frenchy Cannoli. He celebrates in grand fashion during The Emerald Cup. And because Frenchy is my beloved mentor, Christmas always comes early for me as well, as I get a chance to sample ample amounts of the year’s treasures.

Beginning in India and continuing in California 40 years later, Frenchy has amassed a storehouse of knowledge about resin. A consummate teacher, he enlightens even the most experienced smokers, infusing everyone with his love and appreciation for traditional cannabis concentrates. At this year’s cup, Frenchy positively crackled with energy as he provided dabs of several new flavors he has chosen to debut at the event. My three favorite selections are Banangie, Sour Tangerine and Columbian x Purple Kush.


Frenchy Cannoli hash Cannabis Now

Photo The Dank Duchess

Frenchy processed three phenotypes of Banangie from DNA Genetics: Green Banana, Ice Cream and Rotten. Though not as pungent as the Rotten variety, the Ice Cream retains a slightly overripe citrus aroma paired with sweet notes of banana. As I inhale the vapor from my low temp dab, images flood my brain of youthful summers in Brooklyn eating Orangesicles. With a smooth exhale that leaves my mouth tingling, I reminisce appreciate those good times. Soon I am relaxing on my couch and thinking of other pleasant memories.

Sour Tangerine

Photo The Dank Duchess

Upon opening the jar, powdered flavor sugar candy comes to mind when I take the first sniff of the Sour Tangerine hashish. Its essence is very sweet, just shy of saccharine. I drop a small piece of hashish on my banger and watch the incredible melt. Breathing deeply, my mouth is filled with the artificial taste of Flavor-Ice pops. I breathe out and a sharp pang hits the back of my throat, just like Tang. Almost immediately a familiar sensation tickles my eyebrows and travels up to my hairline. I am starting to feel speedy.

Columbian x Purple Kush

Photo The Dank Duchess

I peer into the jar at the shiny surface of the Columbian x Purple Kush hashish. The smell is mild, and faintly fruity. Continuing with the sweet motif, the Columbian x Purple Kush slides into my throat tasting of Jack Herer and sun-ripened berries, and slides out leaving a trails of happiness and delight.

Yes, Christmas has come early indeed!

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