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BigMike Is Giving Weed to Those in Need This 420

Photos courtesy of Humanity Heroes


BigMike Is Giving Weed to Those in Need This 420

Cannabis has a long tradition of unifying people, especially on 4/20. BigMike and Advanced Nutrients are bringing relief to those in LA that need it most.

Michael “BigMike” Straumietis, founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients, is as well known for his philanthropic work as he is for helping people grow great cannabis. He puts emphasis on taking direct action, rolling his sleeves up and getting to ground zero of the communities his organizations directly help.

And during this uncertain time as a result of the COVID-19 virus, once again BigMike has led the charge of helping the vulnerable members in society who need it most.

BigMike spoke to Cannabis Now about the three community projects he’s mobilized in response to COVID-19 that go beyond cannabis.

Cannabis Stimulus Package

An economic downturn has hit the United States hard, with over 20 million people reportedly filing for unemployment. BigMike wants to ease the pressure of choosing between day-to-day essentials and weed, so he’s partnered with Moxie to give away free cannabis.

“Something like this has never been done so I wanted to partner with the right company,” said BigMike. “I’ve been in cannabis for over 37 years and I’ll be honest, I’ve seen companies come and go like wildfire…”

This 4/20, 200 residents of the greater Los Angeles area can be in to win $50 worth of cannabis delivered for just one penny.

“Moxie makes some of the best extracts I’ve ever had. They’ve been a crucial part of our industry for years and have made some major innovations in the extraction game,” said BigMike. “When it comes down to it, they have roots in our industry and actually care about our community. When I talked to their owner, Jordan Lams, he was all for the idea.”

“With an increasing amount of outsider money coming into our industry, it’s now more important than ever to support the OGs and give back to the community that got us here,” he said.

It’s really easy to apply for the cannabis stimulus package.

1. Follow @BigMike  and @enjoymoxie.
2. Tag 3 friends in the comments.
3. Must be 21+ and live in the Greater Los Angeles Area.
PRO TIP: Extra comments and story shares will get you extra entries.

The last day for submission is April 18, 2020. Winners will be contacted on April 19 with a one-time promo code for use on Moxie Delivery.


Humanity Heroes on Skid Row

BigMike founded Humanity Heroes to help ease the suffering of the nearly 60,000 homeless living on the streets of Los Angeles. The non-profit’s “Heroes Wear Masks” campaign has donated thousands of face masks to homeless shelters in Los Angeles to help the people of Skid Row during the COVID-19 crisis. 

“The homeless community is one that is often severely neglected and overlooked, an issue that’s just become more evident in light of the recent pandemic,” said BigMike. “My team and I decided to take action to make sure these people get the support they need during this time and delivered 17,000 face masks on the streets of Skid Row. But stopping there wouldn’t have felt right to us.”

Additionally, Humanity Heroes donated 5,700 face masks to Homeless Healthcare of Los Angeles, who provide the homeless with a 24/7 hygiene center with access to washing and laundry facilities known as The ReFresh Spot. 

“Because of the unique circumstances of this global pandemic, we wanted to do everything we could to make sure we were giving back to the city of Los Angeles at a crucial point in time. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my forty years as a cannabis entrepreneur, it’s that you’ve got to support the people who support you if you want to succeed. So, we also delivered 700 N-95 masks to the essential workers at Providence Saint Joseph Hospital in Burbank.” 

Humanity Heroes plans to continue “Heroes Wear Masks” in May, this time focusing efforts on first responders including firefighters, police and EMT while continuing to supply face masks to homeless shelters and hospitals. 

To join their effort, visit

Chronic Relief

Cannabis has a long tradition of unifying people, especially on 4/20. And this year, though we may be forced to social distance, we can still have fun, right? For those looking to embrace this year’s unprecedented canceling of events and connect together as a community, Chronic Relief will be hosting a live digital telethon from 12 pm-5 pm on 4/20.

Organized by Fairchild and sponsored by Advanced Nutrients, 100% of all funds raised via donation during the broadcast will be given to Feeding America, an organization that is providing for Americans who are facing hunger during the pandemic.

How is BigMike spending 420?

“I will be celebrating at home for the holiday and I encourage you to as well. I know cannabis can be a social thing for some of us, but with technology, we can celebrate simultaneously with people across the globe,” says BigMike. “So with that spirit, I will be on my social media all day reposting people and enjoying the holiday with the community. Join in on my @bigmike Instagram and let’s create the biggest virtual smoke session ever.

“Also, to continue spreading the good vibes, I’ll be tuning in to Farechild’s ‘Chronic Relief’ event,” he continued.

TELL US, are you doing anything to help those less fortunate during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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