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Create No. 301: Unlock the Magic in Your Mind

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Create No. 301: Unlock the Magic in Your Mind

Canndescent is reimagining the way people relate to cannabis with their effect-based naming system that helps users hone their cannabis experience to a specific mood or activity — the “Create” suite of strains offers a stimulating boost of creativity.

There are thousands of strain names out there, and most of them don’t provide much useful information about the flower and its effects: The experience of walking into a dispensary with dozens of all but meaningless names and trying to pick out the right medicine for your personal needs can be frustrating.

On top of that, many of these names share close similarities in their names and/or the physical characteristics responsible for the name  — do you know the difference between the effects of Sour Diesel versus Lemon Diesel? Are you sure your budtender does?

This process can be especially daunting for those new or returning to cannabis after many years.

Canndescent — not content to continue with the same naming conventions used by the industry for decades — created their own system for organizing their high-grade cannabis by effects, using five  broad but unique expressions of the cannabis experience: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge.

Canndescent’s cultivators don’t come up with a name by looking at the flavors of the flower or the physical location of the grow  — so no fruit or county names. They simply test the effects, assign it to one of the five effect groups and give it a number.

Think about the old “head high” versus “body high” formula: If it stimulates both mind and body, it would fall under the Charge category, where as a strain that relaxed body and mind would be classified as a Calm strain.

The Create strains are physically relaxing but mentally stimulating, providing the perfect accompaniment to activities like drawing, writing and other artistic pursuits. The centerpiece of this review — Create No. 301 — is a prime example of that effect: The high is physically calming, with a pronounced muscle relaxant effect, but the stimulating mental buzz arouses the production of new ideas and releases blocks to creativity.

If you’re working on a long-stagnant project — maybe you’re ready to dust off that old manuscript — Create 301 is a great choice for putting you in an alert but relaxed state of creative focus and tackling projects that require inventive or imaginative thinking. Alternately, if you just want something that’ll let you daydream more vividly, this would be a fantastic selection.

The flowers are hand trimmed for an attractive, natural presentation and well-cured for an even burn. The flavor is a mild expression of the terpene profile — a gentle melange of earthy flavors.

Create 301 offers a stimulating cannabis experience that merits a try.

Learn more about Canndescent HERE

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