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Bear Quartz is Disrupting the Dabbing Scene

Bear Quartz Banger


Bear Quartz is Disrupting the Dabbing Scene

Are you looking for new accessories for your dab rig? These affordable, durable bangers are delivering terpalicious golden globs the tastiest way possible.

Bears symbolize great strength and power. They can also conjure images of beehives and dripping honey. It’s the animal of choice for California’s state flag. Like its namesake, Bear Quartz products are strong, hail from California, and made for the sticky, honey-like consistency of terpy cannabis concentrates. Having worked in the industry for years, the founder saw a need in the market for affordable, yet durable dab rigs and accessories. With this insight, he launched Bear Quartz in 2019 and completely disrupted the extracts market. Finally, dabbers could find premium quality, affordable quartz bangers and nails. 

affordable quartz bangers

The Strength of Quartz

Quartz is a naturally occurring material found in the Earth’s crust. The unique qualities of the mineral make it perfect for dabbing tools. While it resembles glass in appearance, the two materials are radically different in terms of delivery. Quartz is exceptionally robust and resistant to high temperatures, thanks to its thick chemical composition.

If you’re a well-seasoned dabber, chances are you know that dabbing delivers a powerful, flavor-packed, potent mix of terpenes and cannabinoids, and if done properly, offers up the cleanest tasting cannabis experience. When it comes to maximizing those tasty golden globs, quartz is considered the premium material for dabbers. Unlike titanium and ceramic, quartz has no effect on the flavor of your dabs, allowing you to enjoy the full taste of your hits.

Due to the superior quality of the raw material, quartz nails and bangers can carry a high price point. However, thanks to its own overseas in-house manufacturing facility, Bear Quartz is able to make cutting-edge and affordable 100% premium quartz nails and bangers.

Bear Quartz bangers are also extremely durable and built to last. Thanks to its multiple game-changing designs, the pieces are suitable for a variety of dabbing techniques that serve up the headiest hits to concentrate consumers. 

Auto Highbrid Banger: The Best of Both Worlds

The two conventional banger styles are flat bottom and round bottom. Flat bottom bangers retain heat better, whereas round bottom bangers are easier to clean due to the curved base. Always seeking innovation, Bear Quartz combined these two banger models models to create the Auto Highbrid Banger, a revolutionary design that benefits from both forms. Bear Quartz has changed the game with this products, as it’s easy to clean and has high heat retention—a double victory.

Big Bear Slurper: The Biggest Hit You Might Ever Have

Terp Slurpers are the most recent dab nail innovation. The limited edition Big Bear Slurper is the world’s largest functional novelty banger. This innovative dab tool ensures that all your waxes and oils evaporate and drip into the slotted dish at the bottom, so you won’t waste a drop. The bottom dish’s airflow vents allow air to drive your wax back into the main part of the terp slurper banger, where it waits for you to finish it off. The Big Bear Round measures a whopping 50mm in diameter and 90mm in height, making it perfect for heavy hitters and group sessions. The design truly sets it apart from other quartz bangers on the market and ensures that your concentrates have the greatest flavor imaginable to match the biggest hit you might ever have. 

BQ Boxes Highlight Glass Artist 

The collab between Bear Quartz and Kenta Kito is another example of how Bear Quartz is always looking for more opportunities to elevate the scene. Bear Quartz is the first glass import company to collaborate with American glassblowing artists to create the American/import boxes that, as the name suggests, is an American glass rig with a Bear Quartz banger. There are two different Bear Quartz boxes available:

  1. The original Bear Quartz X Kenta Kito Box:includes a 4.5” high Kenta Kito rig with either a flat or round bottom quartz banger in four color options—slime, red, blue or pink.
  2. The Cycler Box: includes a 6” Recycler rig and your choice of a Highbrid Pro, Highbrid, 25mm PRO, 25mm Flat Top V2 or 25mm Round Bottom V2 quartz banger. Choose from Beary Blue, Smokey Black or green color accents.

Bear Quartz is one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry, with over 1500 locations between the US and ten countries worldwide. Concentrate enthusiasts around the world can now have the best possible dabbing experience with these affordable quartz bangers and nails.

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