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Vapers Get New Flavors

13 vapor pens lie next to one another, some have new flavors added in, such as mint.
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Vapers Get New Flavors

Flavored vape pens are making mouths water across America.

Americans are fast-moving beyond smoking raw buds into consuming more refined extracts of the plant. While hash has been around for millennia, modern liquid extracts of cannabis are hitting the market at the same time as the rise of e-cigarettes and vaping. Today, those worlds are merging as cannabis extract producers release pen-sized micro-vaporizers loaded not only with pure, potent cannabis oil, but added flavors like jasmine, mint, or even banana smoothie. While the science is still out on the long-term health effects of these new blends, overall vaporizers produce radically less carcinogens, compared to burning a fatty. Here’s the some of the leaders of the flavoring trend. —David Downs


Dark Heart Nursery |

West Coast brand Dark Heart Nursery branches out from their elite selection of medical marijuana clones to launch the “Alchemy” line of flavored vape pens. At 30 percent THC, they’re perfect for new patients and cannabis users. The Alchemy line comes in flavors Explore, Awaken, Relax, Inspire — which equate to different moods. For example, the Explore pen features oil from balanced hybrid strains, plus jasmine, and rose “to boost curiosity, confidence and charisma.” Relax is an indica pen with lavender, and chamomile. Awaken blends sativa oil with citrus and mint.

Two flavored vapor pens, called Ratio Pens, by Strainz next to one another.

Ratio Vape Pens

Strainz |

Available in Washington and Colorado, and soon in Nevada — Strainz Ratio Vape Pens are the first vape pens to combine fixed cannabis ratios with distinct flavor profiles. Strainz Ratio pens contain cannabis oil blends of CBD and THC with a minty flavor. The palm-sized Strainz Mighty and larger Strainz Maxx come in 20:1 CBD:THC for patients who fear getting high, all the way up to 1:20 CBD:THC for people that need maximum elevation.


Kure Botanicals |

A flavor pen leader, Kure Botanicals has such tastes as Banana Smoothie, Kool Mint, Passion Fruit, and Sunset Tea in their line of vape pens. Kure Botanicals uses carbon dioxide extraction to derive pure, potent cannabis oil that tests at 60 percent THC. They use a similar process to extract flavors from other botanicals, and then blend to get the taste just right.

 Gold Drop

Gold Drop  / Blue River Extracts |

Award-winning West Coast brand Gold Drop has partnered with Blue River Terpenes to add flavorful cannabis terpenes to their dizzying array of potent, pure pre-filled cannabis oil cartridges. Blue River pulls the smell and flavor molecules out of cannabis, while Gold Drop adds them back in to boost the flavors of their oils.

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