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Stay Merry with Mary Jane: 7 Gifts to Celebrate the Season

A Cluster of Christmas Trees Made Up of Green and Blue Lights
Photo by Ambuj Saxena


Stay Merry with Mary Jane: 7 Gifts to Celebrate the Season

Whatever your holiday traditions entail we’re sure Mary Jane will remain a constant companion in making this season merry and bright.

While plenty will hit the malls in a last minute scramble for gifts, the following cannabis-friendly offerings take some of the guesswork out of choosing the perfect present for the marijuana enthusiast on your list. Reduce the stress of planning by shopping early and smart. Others may feel the stress of the season upon them, but follow our lead and you’ll soon be enjoying a puff over a glass of infused egg nog. Take note of the jolly attitude of Saint Nick, we all know the secret to what he’s been putting in his pipe all along.


1. Vape Xhale

The Cloud EVO from VapeXhale is the perfect fireside companion this season. Imagine this: Shark Tooth cannabis and an ice cold bong rip sent through a series of percolators on an amazing glass piece, but it gets better, you’re vaporizing. The Cloud EVO is an undeniably unique vaporizing experience that brings back the comfortable classic memories of your favorite glass bong rips combined with a new-age vaporization twist. The unit plugs in and heats easily. From there you can place ground cannabis in a chamber and place on the cap so the herb doesn’t fall out. Then enjoy a hit through VapeXhale’s glass hydratubes or flip the unit upside down and insert onto a 18mm glass-on-glass bong. The Cloud EVO is also excellent for concentrates.


A Golden Cannabis Clutch

2. AnnaBís Melissa Multi-Case

This purse from AnnaBís is a great partner for gatherings with friends and family who have yet to find their comfort zone with our favorite flower. The Melissa comes complete with a lining that seals in odor. In addition, the purse includes more pockets than a typical clutch – leaving room for everything from the evening’s strain selection to a small pipe or vape pen.


A Blue Vapir Vaporizer

3. Vapir Prima

This handy vaporizer by Vapir is a great way to discreetly enjoy the spoils of the harvest during this time of year. Its compact chamber provides solid vape hits and is set up to work for flower as well as concentrates. As far as handheld flower vaporizers go, the Prima is one of the most reliable on the market.


4. Muad-Dib

While we all appreciate the glow of Christmas lights, we don’t encourage lighting up a room with your butane torch this holiday season. The Muad-Dib concentrate box by our friends at Magic-Flight offers a torchless option to give friends and family the concentrate Christmas of their dreams. The Muad-Dib is crafted in walnut and vaporizes concentrates through a glass monocle. Easy to use, it effortlessly handles small dabs.


An Ablaze Jar With Weed Inside it from Top Down

5. Ablaze Jars

This may just appear to be an awesome, futuristic mason jar designed to safely store cannabis (which it is), but somehow these Ablaze Jars are even cooler than they look. The aircraft aluminum lids keep odors in, contents fresh and have an optical grade magnifying lens that has two functions. The first one allows you to survey the cannabis in the jar super up-close under the magnifying glass where each crystal-covered bud can truly shine. The second option lets you take solar hits using the top of the lid and the sun or other light source to heat your bowl and smoke the eco-conscious way.


6. Vapium Summit Vaporizer with Solar Charger

The Vapium Summit Vaporizer is a rugged, compact dry herb vape that looks good, feels great in your hand and functions well. The Summit comes equipped with some standout features, too, namely a magnetic lid for the heating chamber that’s also tethered to the vape by a thin but durable lanyard and a dry-bag pouch in the event you encounter a splash or dunk. This vape will please the outdoorsy Patagonia set, both in aesthetic appeal and no-nonsense functionality. Like most vaporizer kits, the Summit comes with a USB power cord, cleaning kit and extra screens, but the folks at Vapium took it one step further and included a small solar attachment to charge on the go. The Summit is definitely toward the pinnacle of the dry herb vape pack.

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7. A Subscription to Cannabis Now Magazine

Keep on beat with the pulse of cannabis with a subscription to Cannabis Now Magazine. Our latest issue explores the $100 Billion Industry and includes insights on how cannabis may open a whole new world of healing for pets. Knowledge is a timeless gift, subscriptions to Cannabis Now Magazine are appropriate for everyone on your list.

What cannabis-friendly gifts are on your list this year? Tell us in the comments below.

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