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The Spookiest Pot Strains of Halloween 2017

Halloween Strains Cannabis Now


The Spookiest Pot Strains of Halloween 2017

It’s that time of year again at Cannabis Now, where we search across the globe for the most spooktacular strains it has to offer for Halloween.

Nothing makes for a better Halloween than some good cannabis and a neighborhood that looks like a candy convention. When it comes to haunted headies, there are a lot of great directions you can go in. Maybe a full-bodied and relaxed indica for while you answer the doorbell, over and over, pretending to be impressed by your fourth encounter of the night with Iron Man? Or maybe a gassy sativa to give you the mental fortitude you need to eat that giant pile of candy as it just sits there mocking your attempts not to get diabetes?

Yes, cannabis and Halloween are a match made in heaven, but All Saints Day isn’t until the next day so until then we party. Here are some of our top strain picks for All Hollows’ Eve 2017.

San Francisco – Dracula’s Bane

We kick things off in the city by the bay, where master cultivator Harry Resin is producing a fantastic rendition of Sensi Seeds’ classic Dracula’s Bane. Harry knows his cuts and the Dracula’s Bane stands out as a fantastic classic Afghani in a world looking for chocolate cupcake terpene profiles. Expect a full-bodied indica with pleasant accompanying cerebral buzz.

Salem, Massachusetts – Cobbler

Cobbler makes its second appearance on our annual Spooky Strains list this year because, while a strain named after the art of making shoes may not sound spooky, it gets much more frightening when you purchase it half a mile from the most famous occult execution grounds of the 13 colonies. It’s available at Massachusetts’s first dispensary, Alternative Therapies Group in Salem, which opened steps from the spot where the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 executions took place. We promise that nobody will put you on trial for wanting to try this Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies cross.

Amsterdam – Nigerian Nightmare

Reeferman crossed his Nigerian cut with a mystery strain to get this Nigerian Nightmare that will be sure to keep the haunts coming, thanks to its upbeat high. The sativa high is also similar to genetics famous from further south in Africa like Durban. If you enjoy upbeat panic attacks, Nigerian Nightmare might be up your alley.

Los Angeles – Frankenstein OG

Frankenstein OG may be Los Angeles’ spookiest deal, and it looks like the Jungle Boys will be pumping it out this Halloween. There is nothing like getting some haunted OG in the place where many of America’s best and worst horror movies have been made. If you’re not a fan of Dr. Frankenstein’s creation, blame Abby Normal, but in the Jungle Boys case, they’re also going to be offering a Casper OG, Hocus Pocus OG and Dracula OG.

Denver – Tangie Ghost Train Haze

It looks like some folks have crossed one of at Rare Dankness’ highly regarded Ghost Train Haze phenos with some Tangie. We thought we were Tangie’d out following its prevalence in recent harvest seasons, but this strain still has us intrigued. The thought of a tangerine twist on an already popular line definitely excited us. If you’re in Denver, we advise the trip over to House of Dankness.

Honorable Mention – Bruce Banner

More people should let their kids paint themselves green for Halloween and pretend to be The Hulk. However, more interesting than green and angry children is the real story on how the official strain of The Avengers got its name — and the story of how the state of Oregon took the name away. You can check out our coverage of Bruce Banner from our Banned Bud Week!

TELL US, what strains make you feel scary? Have a Spooky Halloween!

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