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A multi-hued wooden Shotgun pipe holds fresh flower from the bud sitting next to it.


Shotgun Pipes

Photos by Gracie Malley/Staff

Smoking out of a Shotgun Pipe is just fun. The laminated hardwood body feels smooth in your hands, the hit tastes natural, almost “woody,” and the airtight lid is both stylish and practical.

These pipes embrace the California surf and skate culture that inspired them, they have sleek bodies that also serve a functional purpose. Many of the Shotgun Pipes feature several glass bowls that can be closed—a nice feature for storing several bowls for later without carrying a separate case. The multiple bowls also allow smokers the freedom of picking up a bowl where they left off without the fear of precious crumbs finding their way to the floor or their pockets.

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especially | Jessica Catalano + Cannabis Now Magazine

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