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Shatter Review: Crazy Orange by Terp Boys

The popularity and demand for cannabis concentrates have experienced massive growth in the last few years. California is home to many fine concentrate extractors, and Terp Boys is high on the list of companies offering a wide array of flavors at compassionate prices.
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Shatter Review: Crazy Orange by Terp Boys

This Terp Boys exclusive shatter weaves a thick mist of smooth, orange creamsicle sweetness that conceals a ferocious Bengal tiger bite lurking in the sugary shadows. Proceed with caution — this one’s a man-eater.

The creamy, vanilla-tinged orange terpene profile of the Crazy Orange shatter by Terp Boys offers a unique riff on a classic, somewhat unassuming, flavor. In a market flooded with complex citrus profiles, like Tangie and all its genetic descendants, simple flavors like sweet orange don’t always hold the same appeal.

But this sugary spin on the humble orange, which mutes and smooths the citrus flavor — accentuating the tone and texture of its sweetness and maintaining but softening the edge of the sour flavor elements — provides a welcome respite from the violent barrage of sharp, tart acidity found in so many other citrus-forward concentrates.

While those (admittedly delicious) offerings punch you in the mouth with lemon, tangerine and/or grapefruit fists, this sweet, simple shatter floods your tongue with a velvety subtlety that leaves you craving another dab before you’ve even finished breathing out your last.

This expertly extracted shatter is no one-off phenomenon. It embodies the consistent quality repeated across the impressively wide spectrum of flavor profiles concentrated and curated by the Terp Boys. Where some extractors do three or four strains really well, the Boys tend to have at least six to eight flavors on deck — occasionally more — when they make an appearance at a sesh.

So even if you don’t pick up some concentrate that tastes like popsicles, it’s hard not to feel like you’re standing beside an ice cream truck, scanning a picture menu and agonizing over which slivers of glimmering deliciousness to blow your hard-earned allowance on when you stand in front of the light table showcasing the Terp Boys’ wares.

And glimmer the Crazy Orange does — like a crazy shining diamond. The orange-gold hue of the translucent shatter practically sparkles in the sunlight, offering only a visual whisper of the warm, orange sweetness within.

But it isn’t all sugar and sunlight. This sweet, creamy concentrate packs some serious potency, and where the flavor profile is subtle, the effects are pronounced, to say the very least.

As I lower my first exploratory dab to a hot, ceramic e-nail, I’m struck mostly by the flavors. Feeling only a hint of a buzz, I snap up a sizable glob to more fully experience the sensory impacts. Again, I’m dazzled by the flavors but not exactly blown away by the potency.

And then, from some concealing corner of my unconscious mind, the tiger springs from its crouch, pouncing on me with all four of its claw-crowned paws. In an instant it’s tearing me to hazy, couch-locked shreds, leaving me sprawled out, eyes wide open, smiling like a crazed prophet at nothing at all.

I can’t recommend a taste of it highly enough, but be forewarned that there’s much more to this little citrus than it seems. Nothing quite rhymes with orange, and nothing quite compares to the experience attached to an intoxicating taste of this one-of-a-kind concentrate.

Extractor: Terp Boys, California
Genetics: 3 x Crazy x Orange Haze
Potency: 70%-75%
Stability: stable & malleable — easily snaps off without splintering
Clarity: translucent
Terpene profile: creamy vanilla and orange popsicle sweetness

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