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The Hitman 2016 Drop: The Compound Collection

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The Hitman 2016 Drop: The Compound Collection

The glass scene is an amorphous creature in a constant state of growth over the last decade that has mirrored that of cannabis in general, but when Dougie and his team of craftsmen at Hitman drop a new product line everyone has to take a peek.

Hitman does a big line every year or so, we’ve seen their Lettermans, Rocketships, Double-barrels and Sundae Cups which later morphed a lot and became the gorgeous Sundae Stacks. With progress came the imitators that force the lines to constantly evolve or be scrapped for the next creation. The new Compound Collection is true to the tradition the brand has had of making each line more unique and complex than the last.

“These lines have helped build our brand in the industry without a doubt,” said Hitman CEO and Chief Designer Douglas “Dougie” Dracup, who continued, “I also think another part of it had been our involvement on the movement side when it comes to events, being on the ground everywhere since day one has been huge… A lot of people took their first dab out of a Hitman rig.”

The lines have served as the backbone of Hitman’s rise since their founding at the start of the decade. They allowed the company to launch one of the premier concentrate and glass festivals in the world with Chalice, their new event Happy Place will kickoff this New Year’s Eve, and possibly a chain of cannabis consumption-friendly coffee shops in the not too distant future.

This year’s entry into the Hitman lineup is The Compound Collection with its predecessors, has a very unique look to it. If placed on a table with no Hitman logo, you would definitely find yourself wondering who whipped it up as there is nothing quite to its specs out there. It’s safe to say it looks like some type of chemistry diorama you can take dabs out of, which is fantastic.

“The frustrating thing is anything I’m doodling will end up taking nine to 10 months to get on the table,” Dougie said. “The development of this took a few months, we started with larger pieces and worked them down depending on how they fit in your hand and a few other things.

In-house, Hitman did five generations of Compounds with none going to market, eventually settling on the four sizes which include six balls, 11 balls, 13 balls, and 15 balls. The largest of the collection takes a three-man team a few days to put together if you include some late nights. Currently the line comes in clear and colored options with many high-level collaborations expected in the months to come.

Hitman will be distributing the Compound Collection exclusively in-house. Past experiences with the market have swayed Dougie to pull back production numbers and produce a more artisan product. Also they are no longer outsourcing to the scientific glass producers they’d used in the past, and all production will be handled by their three-man team of lamp workers at headquarters.

The first custom Compounds are already hitting the streets, currently there is a 6-week waiting list if you just have to have that Slymer green.

TELL US, have you invested in a glass collection? What pieces do you have?

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