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Hmbldt Vaporizers: The Cutting Edge of MMJ Technology

Formulating custom cannabinoid and terpene profiles to dial in certain desirable effects is now a reality with the intuitive, new-user oriented cannabis vaporizers by Hmbldt.


Hmbldt Vaporizers: The Cutting Edge of MMJ Technology

Cannabis medicine has come a long way from the early days, when the one-size-fits-all remedy for whatever ailed you was “smoke two and call me in the morning.”

As our understanding of the human endocannabinoid system grows, the future of cannabis medicine moves towards custom formulated blends of terpenes and cannabinoids to treat specific conditions. Hmbldt’s scientific approach to “plant therapy” offers patients a glimpse of that future.

Raw cannabis flowers are undoubtedly the richest source of cannabinoids, making them the cornerstone of cannapharmacology. But although more conventional methods of consumption provide relief for many MMJ patients, others – particularly those new to cannabis medicine – often find the dosing uncertainties of smoking, dabbing and even eating medicated edibles somewhat daunting.

Enter the ultra-intuitive, user-friendly Hmbldt plant therapy system, which takes the stigma and guesswork out of exploring the healing benefits of cannabis.

From the design of the device and packaging, which echo the simple, modern aesthetics and accessibility of an Apple product, to the effortless functionality and efficacy of the dosing process, the Hmbldt experience is characterized from start to finish by uncomplicated refinement.

The discreet, disposable “pen” style vaporizers are easy to handle and offer self-explanatory indicator lights to let you know it’s working. With nothing to load or charge, you’re medicating immediately from the moment you open the box.

Even the formula names, which promise unambiguous effects like “sleep” and “relief,” speak to Hmbldt’s focus on maximizing ease of use and demystifying cannabis medicine for the uninitiated.

One of the most helpful features offered to new cannabis patients by the Hmbldt system is an automatic dosing indicator. As you inhale, the device measures the amount of concentrate being dispensed and vibrates when a single dose has been administered.

This function doesn’t offer much to an experienced cannabis patient who already knows their dose, but for somebody taking their first puff of cannabis oil, getting that dose dialed in properly can mean the difference between a good start and a bad trip.

And, for those who do desire or require a larger dose, it is indeed possible to “milk” the Hmbldt past its dosing cutoff and produce fairly large clouds of vapor.

That vapor is not on par flavorwise with a dab or a pull from a raw concentrate atomizer, but that’s understandable since the unique terpene blends are based on the desired effect, not flavor.

Most of the flavor profiles leave something to be desired in terms of overall balance, but the natural cannabis flower sourcing is evident in the crisp, authentic expression of those flavors.

And for those intrigued by the idea behind blending terpenes to dial in certain impacts, the attached booklet containing the precise formulations makes fascinating reading.

As an early pioneer of this new approach to cannabis medicine, Hmbldt is still feeling out unfamiliar territory, meaning things will only get better moving forward. And for those eager to try medical marijuana, but anxious about the stigma and uncertainties, this unique system could be the perfect introduction to the healing power of cannabis.

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