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Product Review: Elite Series Oven by Across International



Product Review: Elite Series Oven by Across International

The Elite Series from Across International is a new breed from the well-established company that outweighs its competition and steps up the shatter game to a beyond-professional level. This 4.4 cubic foot oven is medical grade for the series professional, with updates and upgrades that make it the best of its kind.

It’s a huge leap from the smaller, recreational-use ovens that preceded it, with five-sided heating, stainless steel handles and hinges, an extremely accurate thermometer, tight seals and more than twice the room of the previous models.

Across International has been supplying laboratory equipment for heat treatment and material processing for universities, research facilities and labs for over 20 years. They focus on induction heaters, drying ovens, ball mills, lab furnaces and pellet presses and have realized their potential in the cannabis industry in the last decade. Across International helps to make the purge process more simple and safe while creating high-quality medical-grade results. The Elite heats up twice as fast as older models and is more accurate and even in temperature for less time and turns in the oven.

The Elite Series has a vent that keeps the gas from going back through the pump while also ensuring the equipment remains contaminant-free. The six-deep and wide racks allow for huge batches of product to go through at a time.

In addition, the 6.7 CFM Edwards Pump that accompanies the oven is incredible. It can be programed via phone or computer and the exhaustless oil-free dry scroll allows for safe use indoors without having to worry about exhaust ventilation in the work space. The oven and pump duo are without a doubt a must for anyone who is looking to make high-quality concentrates on a professional level.

Whether you like a crumble, a wax, cake batter, sap, snap and pull, shatter, or glass, this machine will make purging any concentrate a reality.

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