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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Cannabis Lovers

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Cannabis Lovers


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Cannabis Lovers

Forget roses and choose a different kind of flower this year.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. For the pessimistic, it’s that saccharine-soaked day designed by Hallmark to sell cheesy cards with messages of eternal love and stuffed animals. For the hopeless romantics, it’s a day dedicated to love and romance. But let’s forget all that. For those who share our passion for cannabis, this year’s day of devotion can be a celebration of that “other” special lady in your life: Mary Jane. Forget the traditional roses; we want a different kind of flower this year.

We’ve curated a special Valentine’s Day gift guide for cannabis lovers featuring some of our favorite products to help you get the most out of your relationship with trusty Mary Jane. From jewelry to edibles, flower and fun, there’s something for cannabis lovers everywhere. And yes, that includes buying them for yourself. To quote recent Grammy winner Miley Cyrus, “I can buy myself flowers.”

valentine’s day gift guide My Bud Vase
PHOTO My Bud Vase

Pink Flamingo Bong | My Bud Vase

This little beauty from My Bud Vase is sure to tickle your fancy. The name “Flamingo” is a direct reflection of the fiery nature of this piece. This elegant and functional beauty is all about shaking your tail feather. Flamingo is a pink glass vase with a gold neck measuring 8” x 3.5” and comes with a custom matching bowl and 4” fixed downstem. Not using it as a bong? Pop some of your favorite other flowers in there and it becomes a fabulous vase. Pretty and practical, what’s better than that?

PHOTO High on Love

Stimulating O Gel | High on Love

High On Love products harness the natural benefits of cannabis, delivering an exceptional self-care experience. This decadent collection of beautifully packaged and functional pleasure-promoting products includes relaxing bath oils, luxurious massage candles and the brand’s celebrated Stimulating O Gel. Whether you want some solo time with Mary Jane this Valentine’s Day, or you want to get more frisky with your lover, High on Love cannabis products can help you set the loving mood.

PHOTO Blue Planet

Delta 9 / CBD 1:1 BAR | Blue Planet Chocolate

With an equal balance of 100mg delta-9 and 100mg CBD, this sweet treat from Blue Planet Chocolate provides the benefits of both compounds without the intense high often associated with edibles. Whether you’re seasoned in sensimilla or new to edibles, with a 10mg THC and CBD dose per serving, this chocolate bar is an excellent option for those who want to experience the advantages of THC and CBD in a milder and more approachable way.

valentine’s day gift guide Pot Plant
PHOTO Pot Plant

Pink Teen Plant | Pot Plant 

The Pink Teen isn’t your average houseplant—this is a standout piece that’s sure to grab the attention of your guests. This pretty little plant makes a great Valentine’s Day cannabis gift with a twist. No you can’t smoke it, but you never need to water it. It’s the perfect addition to your home or office decor, with its lifelike details replicating frosty, pink-colored buds. Show the world you love the plant with this blush-hued bush. 

PHOTO High In Love

High In Love Earrings | High On Plants

The iconic cannabis leaf lends itself perfectly to jewelry. High On Plants has harnessed the power of the plant to create a range of must-have craft jewelry to spark meaningful conversations about cannabis and encourage others to discover their inner sense of harmony and self-expression. The High In Love medium-sized heart-shaped earrings are made from racy red leather with gold hardware and feature a beautiful leaf cut out in the center. If your significant other loves cannabis and bling, these pot leaf earrings will make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

PHOTO Flower by Edie Parker

Heart One-Hitter Necklace | Flower by Edie Parker 

Edie Parker promises you’ll “Get a heart on for our glass Heart One-Hitter Necklace.” No argument from us. Available in three covetable colors—Blush, Jade and Smoke—these statement necklaces are not only smokeable, they’re stylish to boot. You’ll never be caught without an emergency pipe or a gorgeous accessory again. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for showing the world how much you love cannabis.

valentine’s day gift guide Studenglass Kompact
PHOTO Grenco Science

Pink Stündenglass Kompact | Grenco Science

The genius of Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie’s Barbie movie may not have been recognized by the Academy, but you can still celebrate Barbiecore and all things Girl Power with the new Pink Stündenglass Kompact. Designed for portable functionality, this must-have gravity bong features the same patented 360-degree gravity system, dynamic design and engaging user experience as the original, all in a more portable size. It comes pre-assembled in a hot pink travel case so you can safely take this baby to your next sesh. 

PHOTO Tumble

Love Potion #9 | Tumble

In the song “Love Potion #9,” a man turns to a gypsy to help him fall in love. She prescribes a potion with aphrodisiac qualities, resulting in the man falling in love with everything around him. Tumble’s namesake cultivar, Love Potion #9, is a unique blend of Southern California OG and South African Sativa. The spicy terpene profile is perfect for cultivating romance. These delicious pre-rolls are available in 1g individuals and a .5g 3-pack.

valentine’s day gift guide PAX Vape

Love: Hits Different Vape | PAX

PAX has partnered with artist James Goldcrown to create the dreamy “Love: Hits Different” flower vapes to celebrate love of all kinds. Goldcrown believes “hearts represent something different to everyone, reflecting back joy, nostalgia, heartbreak, happiness, peace or love experienced across life chapters.” The JGoldcrown x PAX collection includes the Plus and Mini in a range of colors. Perfect for showing the world that not only do you love weed, you also love love.

Regardless of how you spend your day of romance—or who you spend it with—this Valentine’s Day gift guide checks all the boxes when it comes to showing your love for Mary Jane. Whether you’re taking a relaxing candle-lit bath, dressing up for a romantic dinner date, or Netflix and chilling, we’ve got you covered.

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