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PBR Made a Weed Drink

PBR weed drink


PBR Made a Weed Drink

Introducing High Seltzer, the new non-alcoholic, THC-infused beverage from Pabst Labs.

Not long after its launch in 1844, Pabst Brewing Company started winning awards in world and US competitions. To commemorate their victories, a blue ribbon was added to the bottlenecks of the American lager. In 1899 the brand was officially dubbed “Pabst Blue Ribbon” after selling 100 million barrels. Over the next 100+ years, the PBR brand remained synonymous with quality beer at an approachable price.

Now, PBR has a cult-like following of devoted drinkers who reach for cans, kegs, bottles and tall boys of the beloved beverage. Always affordable and easily drinkable are two of the PBR hallmarks that have kept the brand alive for so long. Interestingly, Pabst never followed traditional beer marketing techniques. Instead, word of mouth and grassroots marketing has carried the brand for decades.

Having mastered brewing and branding, Pabst Brewing Company’s holding company now produces beverages for over two dozen brands in the beer industry. So perhaps it was no surprise when they spun up an entirely new company called Pabst Labs. This time they brought their bubbly beverage-making brilliance to the California cannabis industry.

PBR High Seltzer cannabis drink

A Different Kind of Buzz

THC-infused beverages are having a moment in the cannabis industry. Sales hit a high of $915 million in 2021, a nearly 60% increase from 2020. Market growth anticipates an even bigger rise over the next few years, with projections skyrocketing to $1.9 billion by 2028. With their finger on the pulse of the beverage sector, Pabst saw an entry point and took its rightful place in the world of weed drinks.

Pabst Labs is based in Los Angeles. The team is a collaborative effort of former PBR employees and cannabis industry experts. After a deep dive into market research and dialing in nanoemulsion, they launched their first line of drinks in 2020.

Pabst Labs High Seltzer

All things seltzer have seen massive consumer adoption in recent years. From La Croix to White Claw, bubbly water fans flock to this refreshing form factor. Pabst Labs certainly leveraged its long history in carbonated drinks to capture the attention of these consumers. Yet, High Seltzer forgoes alcohol in favor of THC, and the result is nothing short of excellence.

High Seltzer is sold in a slim 12 oz. can and is available in Lemon, Passion Fruit Pineapple, Strawberry Kiwi, and Mango Blood Orange. Depending on the flavor you choose, each can ranges from 24 to 25 calories and only contains anywhere from 4-6g of sugar. As for the dosage? Ten milligrams of THC from California-grown cannabis.

Thanks to nanotechnology, High Seltzer offers a fully homogeneous THC experience. This means that the activated THC is fully present throughout the can, unlike the early days of weed drinks where particles settled on the bottom of the container.

In fact, High Seltzer doesn’t taste like weed at all. It’s light, refreshing, and super easy to drink, much like its predecessor, PBR. Many consumers are gravitating towards weed drinks because the effects are more gradual than weed edibles that take a long time to kick in and hit all at once. High Seltzer’s effects come on within 10-15 minutes and reach their peak within an hour before slowly fading away.

Where to Buy High Seltzer

High Seltzer is delicious on its own but also makes a great mixer for THC mocktails. It’s no surprise that Pabst Labs knocked it out of the park with their weed drinks, and they currently have two new products set to launch this summer. Sticking to their brand values, High Seltzer comes with a price tag consumers can feel good about. You can find PBR High Seltzer at various retailers—or better yet—shop online and have it delivered right to your next backyard barbeque.

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