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Grow Healthier Crops With Essentria® Botanical-Based Pesticides

Essentria insecticide


Grow Healthier Crops With Essentria® Botanical-Based Pesticides

Pest damage to crops is painful but preventable. With its variety of botanical-based pesticides and treatment solutions, Essentria® products can prevent outbreaks and keep pests out of your grows.

Cannabis, like all agricultural crops, is vulnerable to a variety of plant-damaging insects, such as aphids and mites. In an effort to avoid the destruction caused by these pests, many cultivators turn to synthetic pesticide brands. There are alternatives to conventional pest control formulations to cultivate more conscientiously. Zoëcon®  Professional Products developed Essentria® products, a line of essential oil based insecticides for cannabis growers to control insect populations. These botanical-based insecticides are easy on plants, the cultivator and the environment when used as directed.

As innovators in the pest control field, Zoëcon® products were developed as the first insect growth regulator 50 years ago. Since then, customer demand for more eco-conscious pest control options has led the company to develop a line of revolutionary natural insecticides for green-minded cultivators. Harnessing the power of active ingredients derived from plants, the Essentria® product line kills listed insects and pests while posing little threat to people, pets and the environment.

Botanical-based pesticides have been used for generations to both kill and deter pests that destroy agricultural crops. The natural chemical constituents of certain plants have properties that can knock down and repel a variety of pests without endangering the environment or the people that use them. Let’s take a closer look at the plants the Essentria® line taps into for their new line of natural insecticides.

  • Cornmint oil: Cornmint oil is dementholized to reduce the amount of menthol and offers similar benefits to peppermint oil. 
  • Geraniol: According to research, geraniol is an excellent plant-based pesticide, which provides knockdown and repellency.
  • Clove Oil: The active ingredient in clove oil is eugenol. Research shows that eugenol can be a fast-acting contact insecticide that is effective against a wide range of pests, including ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, spiders, wasps, armyworms, mites and thrips.

Formulas For All Grow Units

Cannabis pests vary depending on the cultivar, the geographic location, and whether the plants are grown inside or outside. Essentria® products provide arange of 25(b) exempt treatment options formulated to provide solutions that fit each grower’s unique requirements for insect control.

There are five formulations to select from—two aerosols, two concentrates and one granule—and each one can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Here’s a breakdown of what each one does, and how it might be able to help you maintain a healthy grow operation. 

  1. Essentria® IC Pro  insecticide: Using geraniol oil, clove oil, Cornmint oil and food grade use inerts, Essentria® IC Pro insecticide is approved for cannabis, hemp or unspecifed food crop use both indoors and outdoors. The powerful natural ingredients control a variety of listed insect species and provide immediate results on both flying and crawling insects.
  2. Essentria® G Granular Insecticide: Effectively eliminate a wide range of listed insects with the help of the convenient Essentria® G Granular Insecticide around the perimeter of grow units. This gentle but strong solution provides immediate knockdown of insects and is ideal for treating sensitive areas and a variety of outdoor locations without the need for specialized tools.
  3. Essentria® Wasp & Hornet Spray :If not dealt with properly, wasps, hornets and other stinging insects can become a serious issue. This simple-to-use product sprays up to 20 feet. Spray wasps and nests directly for best results.
  4. Essentria® Contact Spray: Using a mixture of essential oils including geraniol and rosemary oil, Essentria® Contact Spray is formulated to control an array of listed flying and crawling insects and can be safely used both indoors and outdoors as directed. 

Helping Customers Find a Greener Solution

The team that brings you Zoëcon® products go beyond producing game-changing natural insecticides. They also provide support and share their knowledge to ensure you have everything needed to fight pests successfully. To do this, the people who bring you Zoëcon® products closely monitor changes to federal and state regulations governing cannabis pesticide restrictions. Their close attention, supported by the team’s thorough research and development, plays an essential role in the cannabis industry’s constantly evolving landscape.

If you need information when you’re out in the field, the Zoëcon® products website can help you with dilution calculators, product labels and includes information on their full line of pest control products. And if you’re new to botanicals or if you just need some extra support troubleshooting, the team of experts that bring you the Zoëcon® line is ready to help you find your perfect Essentria® product solution.

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