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ReCreate Nanotech Drink Additives Amplify Beverages

ReCreate Drink Additives


ReCreate Nanotech Drink Additives Amplify Beverages

Nanotech drink additives are the latest range of cannabinoid-based wellness products from ReCreate.

As cannabis consumption becomes more socially acceptable and legally available, an ever-increasing number of people are looking for ways to incorporate cannabis products into their life. Cannaseurs and the canna-curious alike are searching for products that are designed to provide safe, consistent and repeatable results that can be readily included in their wellness regimens. Concurrently, advances in cannabinoid delivery technology are expanding the product options available to that rising consumer base. One such range of products is the new line of nanotech drink additives by ReCreate, a brand built by cannabinoid therapy pioneers, the Stanley Brothers. 

Using proprietary rapid nanotech formulations, ReCreate combines full-spectrum extract with the latest technology for one of the most tailored and advanced experiences on the market.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the hottest trend in cannabis consumption methods. According to Research and Markets, the worldwide nanotechnology market has the potential to reach $125 billion by 2024. The rise of nanotechnology in the cannabis sector will account for a portion of that figure. 

Known and applied in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, nanotechnology has recently been embraced by the cannabis industry because it addresses two issues faced by the infused edibles and beverages market: bioavailability and water solubility.

THC, CBD and other cannabinoids are lipophilic compounds, which means they are not water-soluble in their native form. When you consider that our bodies are up to 60% water, this can be a problem, making it harder to gain the maximum benefit from these types of molecules.

Additionally, cannabinoids are hydrophobic by nature, meaning they don’t absorb well in the human body. To avoid these problems, nanoemulsion decreases the particle size, enhancing absorption and water solubility. Nanoemulsions are emulsions that are nanoscale in size and are used to improve the delivery of active medicinal substances. The resulting nano-cannabinoids are water-soluble and may be easily incorporated into beverages at almost any concentration.

The Benefits of Nanotechnology

  1. Fast Acting: Drinking beverages infused with nano-cannabinoids is simple and constant, meaning you will get the same effect on two different days. Similar to alcohol, the result is felt rapidly, starting in about 10 minutes, peaking around 30 minutes and usually lasting a couple of hours before it wears off. You will also feel the benefits quickly, which can help avoid the pitfalls of overconsumption.
  2. Increased Bioavailability: Nano-cannabinoids have a very high bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy and are absorbed quickly and fully by the body. Bioavailability refers to how much of the ingested THC or CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream and ,therefore, how much of an effect it has on the user. A variety of factors can influence this, depending on the consumption method. Smoking cannabis, eating an edible or drinking a nanoemulsion-based beverage, for example, will all deliver different effects. ReCreate’s nanotech drink additives provide one of the fastest absorption methods. If you live an active lifestyle, your body may need to recover quickly post-workout. Increased cannabinoid bioavailability may aid in the reduction of exercise-induced stress, damage and inflammation. It can also aid in reducing anxiety, promoting better sleep and improving overall health.
ReCreate’s 10:10 drink additive features proprietary nanotechnology that enables a faster onset, and overall superior experience.

Convenient and Functional Drink Additives

Using proprietary nanotechnology to increase bioavailability, the cannabinoids and other functional botanicals in ReCreate’s nanodrink additives are formulated with a focus on the end result, whether that means achieving deeper relaxation or better sleep; tapping into creative energy; or relieving body aches. 

There are three products with different cannabinoid rations for balanced, well-rounded effects: the 5:5 drink additive, which is 5mg CBD: 5mg THC; the 10:10 drink additive, which is 10mg CBD: 10mgTHC; and the sleep drink additive, which contains 2.5mg CBD, 2.5mg CBN and 5mg THC.

ReCreate’s Sleep additive features CBN in addition to CBD and CBN. Add it to your favorite bedtime beverage for a restful night.

CBD, THC and CBN are combined with functional botanical boosters including turmeric, valerian root, lemon balm, Chaga and ashwagandha. Many of these herbs, plants and fungus are common in Ayurvedic medicine, which has been used in Indian traditional medicine for over 5,000 years. Additionally, ReCreate products are made with only clean ingredients that are ethically sourced, non-GMO and suitable for vegans.

ReCreate’s range of nanotech drink additives is built for both convenience and wellness. Each one is designed to provide safe, consistent and repeatable results that can be easily woven into your daily routines.  

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