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Moonwlkr’s Delta-8 Gummies

Moonwlkr Delta-8 Europa Flavor Gummies


Moonwlkr’s Delta-8 Gummies

Moonwlkr’s free trial allows customers to discover what this “middle-of-the-road” cannabinoid is all about.

Moonwlkr, a leader in Delta 8-THC, has been attracting some of the biggest names in the cannabis space since the company’s launch in 2020. 

You’ve likely heard about Delta-8 THC, a new cannabinoid that hit the market in 2018, along with the passing of the farm bill. Largely due to its federal legalization, the ability to have it shipped directly to your door, and the “clear headed high without brain fog” that users often describe, there has been a massive movement in this hemp-derived THC. 

Many categorize Delta-8 as a middle ground between CBD and Delta-9 THC (cannabis). According to Moonwlkr, their customers report that it provides a psychoactive, calm and euphoric feeling, without any paranoia and anxiety that some associate with Delta 9. 

But as with any new product, especially in the cannabis space, there is some skepticism. In order to prove to customers that their Delta-8 works, Moonwlkr offers free samples of their edibles. That way, users can try it for themselves and see how it works for them.

Leading with Customer Satisfaction 

Moonwlkr entered the industry with customer satisfaction at the forefront of their minds. Based out of Nevada, Moonwlkr’s manufacturing and production is all in-house, utilizing a state-of-the art facility for quality assurance. Product is then sent off to 3rd party labs for testing, with results listed on the Moonwlkr website. Scannable QR codes are also featured on each packaging label in order to offer customers complete transparency and give them an easy way to view test results. 

Delta-8 THC continues to gain national attention, and Moonwlkr is letting you decide for yourself if you like it, without committing to a full-priced purchase. Currently, the company offers nine unique flavors in their Delta-8 gummies and vape cartridges. 

Each vape cartridge contains 800mg of Delta 8 and plant-derived terps for increased effect. Each gummy contains 25mg of Delta 8 and their prices are the some of the best in the industry.

Staying Informed

If you’re interested in learning more about Delta 8, Moonwlkr has a special page on their website outlining what the cannabinoid is, how it works, and how it might make you feel.  It’s important to be educated about what you are buying. Moonwlkr’s blog covers a variety of topics to help people navigate the market for a new cannabinoid.

In an industry that always has questions, Moonwlkr tries to give answers. The company looks at user reviews to study and understand how their Delta-8 products affect people. Even when it comes to dosing, they lean on their customers. Some people take two or more gummies at a time, while others prefer to cut them in half or even a quarter. We’ve shared a few testimonials below for a clear picture of how Delta-8 can make you feel. 

  • “I love these so much. Could eat them all day. Nice relaxing high. Hubby bites off of a tiny corner and is so baked. Funny to watch. Definitely recommend.” – Nicole
  • “I love Moonwlkr gummies. They’ve become a regular daily part of my health regime. Taking one every morning helps me to start my day with better focus. I deal with a lot of stomach issues, and these Delta-8 gummies help me with nausea and even something trickier such as vertigo. I hope to continue using them for years. Thanks, Moonwlkr!!!” – Richard
  • “Pleasantly surprised by these, we love them, they’re a bit too strong for us, so we bite them in half and they’re perfect.” – Anonymous

Everyone has their own experience and tolerance level. You’ll need to try it for yourself to understand what your own dosage is. Visit Moonwlkr’s Reviews page on to find out what people are saying about their products. If Delta-8 is legal in your state, you can take advantage of their free sample offering and discover what this “middle-of-the-road” cannabinoid is all about. 

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