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How to Make Cannabis a Part of Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day
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How to Make Cannabis a Part of Your Valentine’s Day

Celebrate love and weed this February by thoughtfully gifting your special someone a little token that will remind them of your shared enjoyment of cannabis!

Are you one high half of a cannabis couple? Do you have a crush on your favorite budtender at the dispensary you frequent? Is there a friend that you always burn with and you’re interested in bringing the relationship to the next level? Celebrate love and weed this February by thoughtfully gifting your special someone a little token that will remind them of your shared enjoyment of cannabis! We’ve gathered a few gift ideas for every type of mood, from casual, friendly “just getting to know you” vibes to head-over-heels soulmate connections.

Lest you think we’re just way too into weed, there’s legit proof that incorporating cannabis into your love life isn’t as fringe as you might think. According to the delivery platform Eaze, 2017 was a watershed year for increasing normalization and social acceptance of cannabis use, with Valentine’s Day coming in fourth place as the most popular holiday to purchase some herb.

Noted in Eaze’s “State of Cannabis” report, all major holidays over the past year saw an increase in online marijuana orders, but especially “among those shared with loved ones like Valentine’s Day,” calling this data evidence that society’s attitudes towards marijuana are changing. So it’s not at all weird to get your girlfriend that fancy vaporizer she’s been wanting as a Valentine’s Day gift — in fact, you’re a trendsetter!

As part of this wave of mainstream acceptance, more people are discovering that cannabis can be used as a tool for enhanced communication and sensuality within an intimate relationship. Sex educator Ashley Manta has pioneered the idea of using cannabis as a therapeutic sexual aid with her brand of Cannasexual coaching, garnering tons of media attention for promoting the idea that weed is not only an awesome aphrodisiac, but also a way to deepen lasting connections and work out intimacy issues. As a sign of how impactful these effects can be, even cannabis-themed weddings are on the rise, with events like the Cannabis Wedding Expo springing up to help couples integrate the plant into their ceremonies and receptions in various ways.

Added together, all of these trends point to an incredible potential for cannabis to change your relationships, but first you’ve got to impress that 420-friendly cutie with something they’ll cherish. Obviously, cannabis makes a great gift, with a natural perfume that’s better than any bottled fragrance, and a collection of glittering resin that rivals diamonds any day. Infused into chocolate or lotions, THC offers a surprising twist to this fun, sexy holiday with its own relaxing, euphoric effects, so think beyond bouquets this year!

With this in mind, set a sexy intention for Valentine’s Day this year by creating a romantic mood for an enjoyable elevated experience. Add a sensual spin with cannabis, and check out these 10 unique gift ideas.


Colorful and clever greeting cards for your favorite cannabis enthusiast, complete with a unique spot to insert a pre-rolled joint and a match striker. KushKards founder Lauren Miele had the bright idea to attach a blunt to a card intended for her current crush, and with a design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she had the skills to make it happen. Pair one of these adorable cards with a nice pre-rolled joint or blunt for a fun conversation starter and unforgettably cute gesture.

Cupid “Love Bubbler”

This adorable heart-shaped mini-bubbler is designed to convert any joint into a more enjoyable experience! This piece provides filtration of the smoke from a joint, creating a smoother smoke. Made from rose or green-colored borosilicate glass in a classic arrow-through-the-heart styling, this Cupid bubbler features a double-slit percolator carved into a unique, double-reinforced arrow downstem. Providing not only a unique aesthetic, this durable design fortifies the interior glass elements as well to make your love affair with this bubbler into more than just a “fling.”

Nuggy Dab Tools

Great for the modern dabber on the go, the new Nuggy models — Dab & Hybrid — arrive in a beautiful box perfect for gift-giving. Available in blue and pink, the springs on these models were optimized to ensure a tight and safe snap, while making it easy to open and use. Nuggy Dab offers a pick, spoon, paddle and fork, while the Nuggy Hybrid offers a pick, scraper, spoon, paddle, knife and clip for both concentrates and flower.

Cannabis Cookie Sampler

Surprise your special someone with a Big Pete’s Treats cannabis cookie sampler! With a unique spin on gift-giving, cannabis adds a different sensation to your loving celebration. Each cookie contains just 10 milligrams of THC, a low dose intended to help couples slow down, genuinely connect, cuddle and get cozy together. This sampler includes three popular cookie flavors, chocolate chip, cinnamon sugar and peanut butter, with six individually-wrapped cookies in an adorable heart-shaped gift box.

Papa & Barkley Cannabis Massage Oil

Rub this oil all over your partner, erasing stress with a deeply relaxing massage. Infused with Papa & Barkley’s “right ratio,” each product contains a 3:1 mixture of THC to CBD. A cutting-edge manufacturer of effective cannabis-derived pain and wellness products, Papa & Barkley creates highly effective products to provide whole body relief with innovative formulations of cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients that work together to provide maximum relaxing effects.

Cannabis Boxer Briefs

Basic Outfitters’ cupid-approved cannabis boxer briefs are perfect for the casual smoker. With designs for every dude, Basic Outfitters’ flagship Create-a-Drawer service lets you pick high-quality basics, hoodies and sweats to match your guy’s style, plus it gets delivered right to your door! Not only can you get weed and pizza delivered, but underwear too, so now there’s really no reason to ever leave the house again.

Canndescent Flower Sampler

Premium flowers designed to provide five signature effects, Canndescent offers a strain dubbed “Connect,” intended to create stimulating conversation and intimacy with your special someone on Feb. 14. Available in limited-edition gift boxes, Canndescent is truly a luxury purveyor seeking to attract curious users new to cannabis. Additional effects-specific blends include Calm, Cruise, Create and Charge, each selected to shift moods and pair well with favorite activities.

Stonedware Electric Pink Geopipes

These angular ceramic pipes may not look like the type of paraphenalia you’re accustomed to, and that’s the entire idea! Designed for those discriminating connoisseurs who appreciate high-end modern design and detailed craftsmanship, Stonedware Geopipes fit perfectly in your hand for a harmonious smoking experience also looks chic in your home. Each GeoPipe one of a kind, just like your special someone!

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Perfect for the stylish lady or gentleman in your life, the Firefly 2 vaporizer is a marvel of design and technology. Incredibly durable and easy to use, the Firefly handles both flower and concentrates effectively, providing precise temperature control so you taste every terpene in your cannabis product. Arriving in a sleek box, this vaporizer is an impressive gift that’s sure to please your weed-loving bae.

Om Edibles Medicated Bath Soak

In a category of its own, the experience of soaking in a medicated bath is one of the most indulgent pleasures you can imagine. Relax in the tub for 30 minutes, while the combination of epsom salts, essential oils and cannabis extract absorb into every pore. The effect does not involve a “head high,” instead there’s a deep muscle relaxation and a feeling of intense contentment, perfect for a cozy, restful sleep. With a choice of aromatherapeutic floral formulas including lavender, lemon ginger and eucalyptus, and rose geranium, these bath soaks are a gift that your lover will definitely enjoy!

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