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Product Spotlight: Cannabis Accessories for Your Loved Ones


Product Spotlight: Cannabis Accessories for Your Loved Ones

These marijuana-related gift suggestions will thrill the special people in your life.

With cannabis legalization continuing to advance across the world, more people than ever before are comfortable speaking openly about their choice to use marijuana. One of the best ways to advance the conversation is to become an ambassador yourself. We’ve rounded up the greatest weedy gift suggestions for the special people in your life.

For Your Sibling: Santa Cruz Large 3 Piece Shredder

SantaCruz Grinder Cannabis Now

$74.50 /

Grinders are one of those smoking accessories where it’s tempting to purchase a cheap one and call it a day — but if you think you’re helping out your wallet in the short term, you’re actually hurting your cannabis in the long term. So make the right decision for your sibling (as you always do, right?) and give them the gift of happy herb with the Santa Cruz Shredder. The Shredders come in sizes ranging from the pocket-sized small to the imperial jumbo size, but you can split the difference and get the large shredder, which is a satisfyingly hefty weight and has three pieces that fit and glide against each other with perfect magnetic control. Made from medical-grade anodized aluminum, the Santa Cruz Shredder has a unique tooth design that actually fluffs your weed as it grinds — a far cry from the irregular and mashed herb of plastic grinders. The bottom piece even has a rounded edge, which is perfect for finger scooping, so gift this to your sibling and tell them to get to shreddin’ and scoopin’!

For Your Best Friend: The Transporter Omerta Backpack

Omerta Backpack Cannabis Now

$159.99 /

This heavy-duty backpack is equipped to carry just about anything, but we recommend using it to haul pounds of the sticky icky. Because the bag contains a built-in smell-proof carbon liner, it’s great for carrying large amounts of cannabis in situations that require discretion. This bag has a crazy amount of pockets (four external and one internal as well as two sets of water bottle pouches) to stash stuff. In addition, the ability to lock the bag with a key stands out as one of the backpack’s greatest features. This element means that in the worst-case scenario of the bag getting confiscated by police, the officers will have to obtain a search warrant to see what’s inside.

For Your Dog: Dooby’s Hemp Joint Dog Toy

Dog Toy Cannabis Now

$20 /

Pass this plush joint to your four-legged best friend and watch your puppy get high on the joy of squeaks and honks instead of THC. While we don’t recommend exposing your doggo or your pupper to psychedelics, we definitely do recommend watching your woofers play with the natural hemp fiber, non-toxic toys from Dooby’s Dog Toys. This squeaky toy joint is double stitched for durability so that even the ruffest doggos won’t end up “doin’ a frighten” because of loose stuffing. Not only is the toy’s eco-friendly hemp fabric super strong and dog-fang resistant, it also has antibacterial qualities to keep your pupper healthy. Forget rubber chickens and tug-o-ropes; these squeaky joint dog toys are guaranteed to give your cutest friend a heckin’ good time.

For Your Sesh Buddy: 3-in-1 Shot Clock Timer Carb Cap

Dab Timer Cannabis Now

$29.99 /

The key to the perfect tasting dab is found both in the equipment and the timing. To fully enjoy the flavors, we recommend five essentials to go along with your rig: a quartz nail, carb cap, good torch, dab tool and a dab timer. We first spotted these Errlybird timers while globbing away at Hitman Coffee Shop in Los Angeles. By using a timer, dabbers can hone in on when the nail achieves the perfect temperature, meaning no burning, no char, no wasted material — we’re talking straight terps! These timers are great because they come with options for one minute, 30 seconds and 45 seconds. This feature is helpful for people who purchase nails of different sizes and diameters and don’t know what to expect because you can experiment to discover when the temperature is right. The three-tiered timer is also a next-level gift for dedicated enthusiasts with multiple nails that require different cooling times for the terps to taste just right.

For Your Coworkers: High Hemp Organic Wraps

Hemp Wraps Cannabis Now

$4.99 for three pouches /

These papers, made of hemp, mean you can finally get hemp close to cannabis without worrying about seeding the whole crop. We kid! These hemp papers are a unique option for rolling up fatty blunts without turning to a tobacco product. They come in packs of two papers and filters and are really easy to roll, making them a good option for co-workers who haven’t tried to twist their own before. These wraps demonstrate a love for cannabis without being too overt and are at a great price point for simple office gifts.

Originally published in Issue 28 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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