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Leaf Through These 3 Essential New Cannabis Books

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Leaf Through These 3 Essential New Cannabis Books

As cannabis acceptance makes its steady advancement across the U.S. – with the booming new legal industry continuing to outperform even the most optimistic projections – we take a look at a few must-have books that offer an entry point, a gateway, if you will into cannabis.

The Medical Marijuana Guide Book

By David Downs

It’s about time someone produced a comprehensive book detailing the nuances of safe medical marijuana use and access in the United States. This work by best-selling author David Downs skillfully covers topics ranging from how to obtain a doctor’s recommendation to medical uses and plant varietals, as well as more detailed explanations of key botanical components like THC, CBD and terpenes. While a steady stream of cannabis titles continues to hit the book market, previous to this guidebook none have been solely dedicated to navigating the labyrinthine corridors of the national medical marijuana maze. Highlights of “The Medical Marijuana Guidebook” include how to find a caregiver or dispensary, an array of gorgeous full-color photographs, and a complete state-by-state rundown of cannabis laws nationwide (updated regularly on the book’s website as changes occur). Given the erratic nature of cannabis laws across the country, this timely, well-crafted guidebook is a great resource for anyone looking to understand more about medicating with marijuana in the United States. [$29.95, hardcover; Whitman Publishing; on sale June 21]

The Newbies Guide to Cannabis & The Industry

By Chris Conrad and Jeremy Daw

With a majority of the U.S. now supporting an end to cannabis prohibition, the collective energies of consumers, entrepreneurs and financiers are creating the backbone of a flourishing marijuana economy. Seeing no shortage of newcomers entering the legal Green Rush, authors Chris Conrad, an internationally respected authority on cannabis, and Jeremy Daw, editor of TheLeafOnline and contributor at Cannabis Now, have teamed up to produce this detailed work about the nuts and bolts of the cannabis industry. A valuable newbie’s guide to cannabis, it walks the reader through the fundamentals of the botanical, from its storied history as a medicine and fiber, to the plant’s arrival from the “gray market” into the thriving economic scene as a legal commodity. Helpful “Newbie” sidebars exist throughout the book indicating vital information for novices entering the rapidly developing market. Sound advice and a conversational tone make “The Newbie’s Guide to Cannabis & The Industry” a great jumping off point for anyone looking to gain more information about this exploding industry and how to potentially profit from the cannabis boom. [$19.95, hardcover; Whitman Publishing; on-sale since Dec. 22]

How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High

By David Bienenstock

Cannabis is more than a “loss-leader” at clubs — something you give away for free to boost sales. Cannabis should change society, not the other way around, concludes VICE and High Times reporter David Bienenstock, in this breezy, smart paperback for weed fans and allies. Bienenstock covers standard “Weed 101” reference material, but also expands its scope, winning readers with storytelling chops and charm. After legalization, a war is coming for the soul of pot, Bienenstock reports. Friendly, smart plant ambassadors have a historic chance to elevate weed’s underground values and re-shape capitalism to include living wages, environmental safeguards, small farming, and regional commerce. Dude writes at VICE, though, so there’s tons of fun stuff about flying high and travel, how to throw weed-infused dinner parties, and what to do when you’re too high in public. Bienenstock tours nationally through the summer.  [$9.95; paperback; Plume, Penguin Random House; on sale April 22]

Originally published in issue 21 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE.

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