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What It Means to Be a Kuida Woman

Three Kuida Woman Skincare Ambassadors
L-R: Daniela Salcedo, Amalia Andrade and Jessica De la Peña. Photos courtesy of Kuida


What It Means to Be a Kuida Woman

Kuida skincare’s three ambassadors Daniela Salcedo, Jessica De la Peña and Amalia Andrade talk about what being a Kuida woman means to them.

With its antioxidant properties, adding cannabidiol (CBD) products into your skincare routine can be beneficial for those looking to treat epidermal issues like dryness and free radical damage. Kuida is the first Colombian brand to successfully launch hemp-derived CBD products into the U.S.

What makes Kuida unique is CBDERM, the company’s proprietary formulation that provides the skin with powerful antioxidants. The luxurious collection comprises of a Step ∅ Fluid hydrating fluid, night cream, face and body scrub and body mist.

The company’s three ambassadors, Instagram influencer/jewelry designer Daniela Salcedo; journalist/news anchor Jessica De la Peña and author/illustrator Amalia Andrade talk to Cannabis Now about being a Kuida woman and reveal their favorite Kuida products.

Daniela Salcedo

Cannabis Now: What does being a Kuida woman mean to you?

Daniela Salcedo: To me, a Kuida woman is a woman who’s free, super fresh, funny, confident and young at heart. A woman who likes to care for herself, her looks and overall health while doing what she loves the most.

Jessica De la Peña: Being a Kuida woman means being able to do ME! Doing things as I like, how I feel them, without wanting to imitate anyone. To be unique, different and celebrate everything that makes me who I am.

Amalia Andrade: For me, being a Kuida woman means being a different, authentic woman with lots of self-confidence. A woman who is sure that her way of living in the world and doing things is fine no matter what others have to say. That she enjoys being a woman and is not afraid of anything — except heights like I am!

How would you describe your Kuida skincare routine?

Amalia: My skincare routine tends to be very special since I’ve always tended to have acne skin, but it’s simple. In the mornings I wash my face with a special soap for acne skin, then hydrate it with Kuida’s Step ∅ Fluid or Moisturizing Day Cream. Then I apply a special sunscreen with salicylic acid that is great for acne skins. At night, I wash my face again, apply Kuida’s Night Cream and Eye Contour and that’s it! Sometimes on the weekends when I have time, I apply a couple of masks.

Jessica: In the morning after I wash my face, I apply Kuida’s Step ø Fluid, then Eye Contour and finally the Moisturizing Day Cream. At night I have the same routine, but at the end I apply Kuida’s Night Cream. Once a week after I wash my face, I also use Kuida’s Facial and Body Scrub on my t-zone before applying anything else.

Daniela: In the morning, I apply the Step ø Fluid Day & Night, then the Eye Contour followed by the Moisturizing Day Cream, finally seal everything off with my sunscreen. At night, I apply the Step ø Fluid Day & Night, then the Eye Contour and then the Night Cream. I also exfoliate my face a couple of times every week at night with the Facial and Body Scrub to get rid of dead cells.

Jessica De la Peña
Jéssica De la Peña

Do you have a favorite Kuida product?

Jessica: The Eye Contour. The effect it has on the area around my eyes is impressive — instant firmness and elasticity.

Amalia: The Step ∅ Fluid. I travel a lot and I am a very busy person, so I don’t have time to apply a lot of products. The fluid works for me because I can use it in the mornings, at night and, above it all, it works for me after getting off an airplane that is a time when my skin gets very dehydrated.

Daniela: I am absolutely in love with Kuida’s Body Lotion! I use it more than once every day.

What would you like people to know about Kuida?

Amalia: That their face creams are wonderful, the body products smell absolutely delicious and that the power of their unique synergy CBDERM is too incredible to miss out. Kuida is a brand that has incredible standards.

Jessica: I would like people to know that Kuida’s products have no side or psychoactive effects from CBD. It is an uninformed belief or fear that a lot of people have due to the CBD being extracted from cannabis. What it does have is an incredible effect on the skin. More people should try and see for themselves all the benefits.

Daniela: I think people are not educated enough about the value of Kuida’s products and their unique CBDERM formula. My skin was very dry before trying Kuida and now I can say that my skin is now 80% more hydrated. I love the way my face looks now, hydrated, vibrant and youthful.

Amalia Andrade

Why do you recommend Kuida to other women?

Daniela: I have been using Kuida for more than six months and have personally seen proof that the properties of CBDERM are extremely beneficial for the skin. Also, because it is a Colombian brand and I feel a connection with its lifestyle philosophy.

Amalia: There are two reasons why I recommend Kuida. The first is that it is very important to me that I use products that come from responsible companies. Kuida conducts deep research into everything they do and, above all, takes real women into consideration. Kuida understands that all women are different, so their products work for all types of women. Secondly, it is very difficult for me to find a moisturizing product that could offer so much hydration without negatively effecting my skin and generating more acne.

Jessica: For my job, I undergo heavy makeup and strong lights every day, so I need a deep moistening and I have achieved that with Kuida. Their products are not greasy or oily, they have helped me with rosacea and the best is that they leave my skin healthy and hydrated without looking bright.

The Kuida skincare collection is available now at the Cannabis Now retail store in Los Angeles. Call (323) 452-9200 or email [email protected] to place your Kuida order and we’ll ship it directly to you.

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