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Green Gone Detox Kits Let You Remove the Guess Work

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Green Gone Detox Kits Let You Remove the Guess Work

If you have an upcoming THC test, Green Gone Detox kits can help you achieve your goals with natural, herbal supplements.

Even though cannabis is now recreationally legal in 11 states and Washington DC, plus being legal for medical in 33, some unfortunate souls are required to pass a urine analysis for jobs, education and other activities. To achieve a zero-THC result, people have been known to use crazy detoxing options like drinking dangerous chemicals. Instead of risking your health, opt for the scientifically formulated THC removal pills from Green Gone Detox to help you safely achieve your detoxification goals.

Green Gone Detox is the first company to develop detox products with pharmacists using completely natural ingredients. Instead of relying on masking agents like other products on the market, Green Gone Detox pills work by utilizing five natural herbal supplements that speed up your body’s own organic metabolite elimination processes to rid your body of THC metabolites. St. John’s Wort is a potent liver enzyme inducer to help clear THC metabolites through urine; sodium bicarb increases the pH of urine; white willow extract helps to break the binding between THC and albumin; horsetail extract increases urine output and psyllium husk binds THC in the gut and increases feces excretion.

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Many factors affect detoxifying rates, including exercise, body composition, metabolism and type of cannabis consumed. Before choosing your plan, use their THC detox calculator to see if the two, five or ten-day detox kit is right for you. If you’re a light cannabis consumer, meaning either single time or infrequent, the two-day kit is recommended for you. If you’re a moderate consumer, meaning you only have cannabis a couple of times a week, the five day THC Detox Kit is the best way to enhance your body’s THC elimination processes in under a week. If you’re an everyday consumer, the 10-day detox kit delivers a full regimen to naturally boost your body’s ability to detox itself, effectively clearing THC metabolites at an increase of 215-330%.

If you’re going to be tested, Green Gone Detox believes you should always be prepared. That’s why every kit comes with complete instructions, a detox manual and five medical-grade test strips that check for THC metabolites at concentrations above 50ng/ml in urine, just like most professional drug screenings

Whether you’re detoxing for your health, an event or a THC test, Green Gone Detox kits will help you achieve a successful flush without the risk of overwhelming your body.

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